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Falling BCFor as long as he can remember, Jerin has led a pain-free existence. Granted, he’s still feeling the repercussions of his accident, but he’s done the best he can to survive. He’s given everything he is and has to the woman he loves. Though, their lives have not been without hardships.

Determined to make the most of their precarious situation, Jerin promises himself to give Juli anything she desires. He knows that their financial difficulties are taking their tolls on her, but he refuses to let her deal with things on her own. When he finds himself overcome by headaches and the pain from his past, he soon begins to wonder what will become of him.

Forcing himself to do the unthinkable, Jerin resigns himself to the use of an experimental drug that will help alleviate his ailments. Though he’s not sure if the drug will do what he’s been told it will do, he’s willing to take the chance with it. His life, and that of his beloved, Juli, depends on his doing so. He soon embarks on a journey that will open his mind to a slew of possibilities as he strives to hold on to his sanity in the hopes of grasping the fragile meaning of his entire existence.

A bittersweet tale, we’re quickly immersed in Jerin’s tumultuous life. He’s a man hell-bent on understanding the world around him, while trying to make sense of what goes on in his mind. A truly complex story, Falling delves into the many aspects of both the scientific and the paranormal. It makes you question whether other planes of existence do abound. Whether we can truly make amends for past indiscretions. A unique view on life, loss, and the path to self-discovery, Falling will definitely introduce you to a world where the unexpected can sometimes have a profound effect on those around you.



SYNOPSIS: They say love heals all wounds, but what if the path to that love was the very cause of those wounds?

So it is with Jerin Endersul. Despite the love he found in Juli, their union has left him isolated and impoverished, and every time a potential solution appears on the horizon, life throws another obstacle in the way.

Living with Julianos Tenzalin meant getting a job closer to their new home, and all that was left in the desolate town of Sendura was the module plant, where an accident necessitated Jerin to undergo drastic surgery that left his dreams in tatters.

Just as he allowed himself to believe he may be improving, the crippling headaches that once blighted Jerin’s existence make a very unwelcome return. His consultant offers him a solution in the form of a new wonder-drug, PSI-626, that has the most bizarre side-effects, allowing him a glimpse into the secret life of the partner he now rarely sees.




Adrian (Ade) Hawkins lives in Norwich, England, with his loving, ever-patient wife and two beastilicious moggies.

He discovered a talent for storytelling in high school, despite not getting an English GCSE. He realised he had a yearning to write while drawing cartoon robots in art class, spending most of his time pondering the story behind them.

After getting stuck on a story idea for several years, he wrote a trilogy of screenplays called “Dark Nemesis.” They were mostly bad but punctuated by surprisingly good bits. He then spent 12 years being overwhelmed by his own ambition and spent far too long faffing about with conceptual ideas before finally coming up with an idea for a novella that then evolved into his debut novel.

His favourite authors include Douglas Adams, JRR Tolkien, GRR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Ian Fleming and Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. He should also watch less movies and read more books.