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FFG LogoWar is never easy, a certainty Lucias learns well when he’s cast out from Heaven into Hell. He’s been assigned as overlord for wayward souls, reigning supreme over them, the demons, and those who seek to work against Noliminan, Father of all Creation.

Determined to make the best of the situation, Lucias sets into motion a series of events that tip the fragile balance that exists between both realms. He isn’t satisfied with the lot he’s been dealt, and he’ll do everything possible to make sure he comes out on top. Twisting both angels and demons around his finger, he knows he needs to be careful if he’s to succeed in winning the war that exists between good and evil.

Part of him knows that Noliminan means well. He’s created man and the world around him, after all, but Lucias refuses to bend to his will, much less be considered as an equal to the lowly pigs Noliminan has created. Deep inside, he knows there’s a way to achieve his very goals. He just has to figure out what he needs to do.

When it becomes apparent that Ishitar is the key to what he believes is rightfully his, Lucias does his best to cause further discord amongst his own kind and those around him. Granted, in his mind, he’s only trying to restore order amongst the chaos he’s created, but it doesn’t stop him from implementing machinations that will bring things about in his favor. It doesn’t matter that things are going from bad to worse. The battle for redemption and prosperity will be won, and he will stop at nothing until he and those he deems worthy are the last ones standing when the time comes.

FFG BCA truly gripping start to what promises to be a very engrossing series, Fall From Grace will make you rethink what you think you know about good versus evil. Granted, Carrie has tweaked consistently the way we view and think about Heaven and Hell, lending the story unique twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. Truthfully, it’s refreshing to see the story of angels versus demons pitted against one another in a light that’s different from what we truly know. Each character will do anything to make sure balance is kept amongst the insanity of the worlds they live in. I look forward to what comes next for this series.



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Ishitar is born on the cusp of a great war between the two ruling Gods of the Heavens and Hells Realms. With his father in control of a repressive society and his mother fighting for free will for all, he believes the game that they play to be just that: a game. Little does he know that the players that he sees are not necessarily the ones who will influence the outcome.



CFS PICtureAbout The Author:

Carrie F. Shepherd grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised outside of the predominating religion, she sought answers of her own. Fascinated by the mythology of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, she delved into the old stories and meshed them with the new to create a fascinating world of good versus evil.

When not immersed in the world of the Gods, Carrie’s full time job is in Regulatory Compliance. During her time off she enjoys hiking on cooler days or, when the weather permits, hanging out with friends and family by the pool.

Carrie now lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with her fourteen year old daughter, her dogs (Commander Jon Snow and Sir Buns McGee of Bratwurst) and her cat (Blizzardfur).



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