EverUpward-GeorgeSiroisWhen the truth about Excelsior came to light, Matthew Peters never imagined how much his life would change. In his mind, all he wanted was to live an ordinary teenage life. What he got, however, was something else entirely. Determined to help the Denarians survive, he immerses himself in what it means to be Excelsior. In doing so, he soon learns about the trials and tribulations of those who came before him. If he’s to succeed in saving Denab IV and its citizens, he’ll have to accept the inevitable whether he wants to or not.

Book two picks up where the first left off. We get to learn more about Denab IV and its ensuing plight, while having new threads develop along the way. Matthew has done everything possible to please the Elders, though he can’t deny the fact that he doesn’t feel adequate enough to be the person they want him to be. Deep inside, he wants nothing more than to go back to the life he left behind, even though he knows it’s impossible.

George has further broadened the Excalibur lore, giving us a deeper glimpse of how Excelsior came to be. I love the fact that he blends a lore of old with something so fresh and new. It makes me think of what it would have been like if Arthur and Merlin were to ever know of the sword’s true origins. Would it have changed the lore as we know it, I wonder?

I like the fact that Matthew is battling his own personal demons when it comes to Excelsior and his sword. You can feel his inner turmoil with every turn of the page. He’s the type of person who wants to please those around him while remaining true to who and what he is. I can’t help but wonder what George has in store for us next when it comes to Matthew, Excelsior, and Denab IV.




An ancient foe. A divided planet. And an impossible choice to make.

The evil Nocterar was defeated, and the planet saved. But if Excelsior thinks the worst is over, he has another thing coming–quite literally!

Things aren’t going well on Denab IV. And when it transpires that the link he kept with earth could destroy both planets, even some of Excelsior’s own people start doubting him.

With Hodera on the march leading a deadly new army and an ancient foe rising more powerful than ever, everything both Matthew and Excelsior love is on the brink of destruction.

Denab IV’s savior must make a choice. One that cuts him to the very core of his being.

But time is running out, and Excelsior must hurry if he is to get the chance to throw the dice one more time.

If you were excited by Excelsior, prepare to have your breath taken away in Ever Upward, George Sirois’ stunning second book in his The Excelsior Journey series. If you love high action and drama, this page-turner is definitely for you.

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GeorgeSiroisAbout The Author:

George Sirois has yearned to be a storyteller all his life, no matter the medium. That drive first led him to drawing his own characters while in grade school, and then – when his skills never advanced beyond the most primitive sketches – writing about them in various short stories and screenplays – before moving on to novels such as “Excelsior,” its sequel “Ever Upward: Part Two in The Excelsior Journey,” and the five-part serial “From Parts Unknown.” He is currently at work plotting “Greater Glory: Part Three in The Excelsior Journey,” and he has several other stories in the pipeline that fit into his “science-fiction for the young adult reader” niche.

While evolving as a writer, including an eight-year-long stint writing weekly movie news reports and opinion columns for the successful pop culture website 411Mania.com, George has also been evolving as a voice talent. He caught the acting bug at only four years old while performing in a short play in Poughkeepsie, NY. Two years later, he had his first taste of voiceover work, when he narrated a short story for his former preschool teacher, as well as several storybooks for his cousin who was recovering from cancer surgery. He went on to study Theatre in Godwin High School in Richmond, Virginia, and earn his BA in Theatre Arts (studying acting and writing) from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.

George, his wife, and their two dogs now happily call St. Louis, Missouri their home. In his spare time, George is an avid cinephile, a collector of film scores, and a lifelong fan of the New York Giants. He enjoys West Coast Swing dancing and teaches beginner classes for the St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club (stlrebels.com). He is a regular contributor to Write Pack Radio (windingtrailsmedia.com) and was named President of the Missouri Writers Guild in May 2017.



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