EF Button Shade has had enough time to come to terms with who and what she really is. Although her mind still has a hard time accepting the fact that she’s part Changeling and a human. Not to mention the fact that she also has Fey blood running through her veins.

The changes she’s experienced have helped her realize that she’s much different than she was before. Her best friend shares the knowledge of what she went through in Faerie, even though she’ll never say a word of it to anyone. Yet it’s a secret that sometimes threatens to put a strain on the girl’s friendship. Despite this fact, she and Brisa are determined to maintain their friendship in every way possible.

When word arrives that Faerie is threatened anew, it’s up to Shade to help the Seelie court in achieving a victory against the Unseelie, once and for all. While she’s not exactly sure if she can deliver, she’s willing to do everything within her power to make sure that the Seelie have the upper hand in everything.

EF BCImmersing herself within her training, Shade finds herself battling her feelings for Dylan while also feeling attracted to the enigmatic Soap. The two Teleen warriors evoke her interest, yet she knows there’s only one with whom she really wishes to be with, even if she won’t admit it. At least, not yet anyway.

When Dylan sets off on a mission for the Teleen queen, she begins to realize just how much of an impact the brooding warrior has made on her life. There’s a hole deep inside her that only he can fill. One Soap hopes to mend if she’s willing to give him the chance. The question is, can she do it?

As secrets surrounding her existence and that of her family surface, Shade begins to realize that that there’s a lot she’s never really known. People are keeping secrets in order to protect her, yet deep inside she wants nothing more than to know exactly where she stands within the Faerie world. As tensions mount and alliances are stretched in every direction, she soon accepts the fact that she’s there for the duration until she can fulfill her obligations within the Seelie court. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Taking up where the first book left off, we’re thrust into a world where Shade needs to come to terms with both her past and her future. She feels she’s left in limbo with all of the secrets she’s encountered, but deep inside she’s willing to take the necessary risks in order to set all wrongs to right. This is a very intriguing series and I can’t wait to see what happens next in book three.



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The Serenity of the Land of Faerie is threatened as the Unseelie Queen Aveta rages war against the three remaining Seelie Realms of Faerie. As Shade’s powers grow, she finds she is running out of time to keep the war from spilling into the human world.

Winter is growing in strength as the evil Queen’s horrifying legions scar the land in their frigid wake. No one is safe.

Shade becomes enemy number one for the Unseelie legions. Questioning her true role of power, Shade discovers the cost of winning may come at a much higher price than she ever imagined.



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I live in Las Vegas, Nevada- Sin City!!! I love to spend every free moment writing, or playing with my four rambunctious kids. Working as an RN currently to fund my dream career of writing. I devour books daily, especially paranormal fantasies and find genre books and independantly published books to be irresistible. I’ve has been writing since I can remember (probably since the age of 6) and love creating paranormal urban fantasy and poetry.

I review books too and highly support all authors. I also enjoy watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food (yum).

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