From the moment she and her friends filched a faction seal, Abby Hollander knew her life would never be the same. On the run because of what she’s done, she has no other option but to find a safe place to hide. Determined to fix what’s been broken, she and her friends seek sanctuary amidst the rebel faction within Alaunhylles. When things take an unexpected turn, remaining in the shadows is no longer an option. If she’s to succeed in completing the task at hand, she’ll need to do what she’s never done before, including stooping lower than those she’s come across.

Embers of Rebellion picks up where the first book left off. Abby’s plight has taken an unexpected turn and it’s not for the better. On the bright side, she has the trusty Otto by her side. Granted, he’s nothing more than code. Code that’s quite sentient, a fact she’s come to realize the more time they spend together. Despite the continuous adversities coming their way, Abby refuses to give up. Time is of the essence. She’ll do everything possible to fix what’s wrong while facing the consequences of her actions no matter how difficult they may be.

J. D. has done an awesome job in expanding Abby’s story. She’s taken James A. Hunter’s initial world and added her own personal flair to it. I love the fact that she’s molded Abby in such a way that you can truly relate to the character itself. Everything the character encounters is a testament to her resilience and her desire to do what’s necessary to survive.

Abby is the type of character the reader finds him/herself endearing to. She seems so real. So relatable. Despite the fact that she’s now nothing more than a character in a game, she hasn’t lost her humanity. It’s a certainty that shows with every turn of the page. J. D. has injected such values into Abby that she’s no longer afraid to take chances. Granted, everything she does is a risk. Sometimes, lives must be forfeited in order to succeed, something Abby shows us with every choice she makes.

VGO is a vast world. While The Firebrand series is just a piece of it, it’s full of endless possibilities. Abby and her friends want nothing more than to make their new world a better place for those who are now making Elgard their permanent home. I’m so looking forward to what J. D. has in store next for Abby and the others. I honestly can’t recommend this series and the entire VGO universe enough. This is a vast world with so many different branches merging into one. A world anyone will enjoy immersing themselves in whenever possible.


A single spark begets an inferno.

After stealing an ultra-rare Faction Seal, Abby and Otto find themselves on the run from Osmark and his lackeys. Abby has bigger worries than the price on her head, however. Mere days are left before Earth’s destruction, and time is ticking down on her quest to discover the truth about the Faction Seal and stop Osmark from ruling all of Viridian Gate Online, the immersive VRMMO game turned humanity’s lifeboat.

With nowhere left to turn in Harrowick, Abby and Otto have no choice but to flee to the rebel undergrounds of Alaunhylles—a fading light that was once a beacon of hope in the Imperial-aligned city. They come seeking answers in the Grand Archives, but the rebels have their own problems and their own priorities… Priorities that might just get Abby and Otto killed before they can find the answers they need.

The enterprising young sorceress will have to stoke the embers of rebellion to complete her quest, or see all her hopes go up in flames in this next installment of the Firebrand series.

From James A. Hunter—author of Viridian Gate Online, Rogue Dungeon, War God’s Mantle, and the Yancy Lazarus Series—and author J.D. Astra, comes an epic new entry into the Expanded Universe of Viridian Gate Online that you won’t want to put down!




About me… I’m a baller. Keyboard crawler. 20 inch display, on my ink scrawler. Holler. Getting flayed tonight, all my characters getting splayed tonight!

In my spare time I love to cook, hike, play video games, and spend quality time with my people.

Three questions people never ask me are; how do I look at myself in the mirror, what’s in the box, and what does it take to build a story with likable characters in an interesting setting with important goals?

The answer to the last is determination, dedication, and sacrifice. I’ve been working at being a writer since before I could string more than two sentences together, and it never gets easier, but it does get better.

I’m surrounded by people who love and support me, which is the most amazing gift the universe could ever give. I will never give up, never surrender, and hopefully, keep on entertaining for the rest of my life.



James A Hunter

James Hunter is a full-time ink slinger, a member of SFWA, and the author of the Yancy Lazarus Series (Urban Fantasy), Legend of the Treesinger (Urban Fantasy), Rogue Dungeon (litRPG), War God’s Mantle (Fantasy), MudMan (Urban Fantasy), and the litRPG epic, Viridian Gate Online.

In addition to writing, he also runs a non-traditional publishing company, Shadow Alley Press, with his wife, Jeanette (who is absolutely amazing).

He is also a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter (seriously), not to mention a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback—’cause that’s a real thing. When he’s not working, writing, or spending time with his family, he occasionally eats and sleeps.