Now that order has been restored to the kingdom, Clay is determined in restoring his legacy and that of the Wahket. The beautiful cat women are his to protect, and he’ll do everything possible to do so. First on the list, however, is to clear the area around his beloved dungeon and establish the necessary boundaries for protection. There are those intent on taking what belongs to him, something he’ll do his best to prevent by any means necessary.

Picking up where the first book left off, Dungeon Bringer 2 broadens the plight that now surrounds Clay. He’s caught up in a world that leaves him mind-boggled at every turn. A world where cat women, unexpected monsters, and guardians are his for the taking.

Nick has done a lovely job in extending the lore behind the world he’s created. He’s also broadened the game elements he’s using within the story itself. It’s honestly a refreshing take on all things RPG. Granted, the book’s genre is anything but the norm. Nevertheless, it provides the reader with unique views into a complex world full of mayhem, greed, and the need to satisfy one’s own cravings.

Let’s hope that Clay achieves an end to his own means when the time comes. Only time will tell!


Expand your territory. Defeat your rivals. Satisfy your monster girls!

Raiders Guild crushed, Clay can finally relax and spend his time clearing the pesky monsters from around his dungeon.

But when a routine zombie bash uncovers a sinister new danger, Clay and his guardians find themselves locked in battle with a rival dungeon lord who really, really hates Lord Rathokhetra.

As the battle unfolds, Clay discovers there’s a lot more to being a dungeon lord than taking territory and crushing adventurers. If he is to survive, he must master new tactics, stop threats from beyond this world, and keep his growing army of monster girls satisfied.

If he succeeds, Clay may become the most powerful dungeon lord to ever live.

But if he fails, all of reality will die with him.

Get the latest installment of the Dungeon Bringer saga now for your daily requirements of awesome battles, abominable villains, and deadly monster girls!




Nick Harrow is a former game designer who now spends his days telling stories about daring men, dangerous women, and devilish villains. He writes the kind of cool shit he’s always enjoyed, but which is getting harder and harder to find these days. If you dig the same things, he’s got a lot of good reads headed your way. And if you don’t like this kind of stuff, no harm, no foul. You do you, it’s all good.

These days Nick is working on a fun dungeon core series, Dungeon Bringer, but there are a bunch more fun tales headed down the pipeline. By the end of 2019, you should have at least three of his series to keep you busy, maybe more.

And, as a special bonus, Nick will send you a free chapter of a new book each week. You won’t be able to get this baby anywhere else, and you’ll be able to help shape its development. If that sounds kickass to you, head on over to