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DFD BCAimee Machado has landed her first job as a forensic librarian. In her mind, it can’t get any better than this. She lives for the thrill of discovering something new, always trying to make sense of the world around her. Because of her inquisitive nature, she makes note of everything she comes across. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. She remembers anything and everything.

When she inadvertently stumbles onto the unexpected murder of her supervisor’s wife, Aimee soon realizes that nothing is what it seems to be. Deep inside, she knows she should leave well enough alone. That she shouldn’t stick her nose in matters that don’t belong to her. Sadly, it’s something she won’t be able to do. Her curiosity has been piqued and she can no longer ignore the situation at hand.

Aimee’s inadvertent snooping soon has unexpected consequences. She’s become someone’s target whether she likes it or not. To make matters worse, quite a few have taken it upon themselves to protect her. Though she finds their attempts to do so endearing, she knows she can’t let go of the ‘case.’ Things don’t add up and she’s determined in seeing things through. Somehow, she’ll uncover the truth about what’s gone on. It’s the only way she’ll be able to set all wrongs to right when the time comes.

A wonderful start to this series, Due For Discard will certainly pique your interest. The reader is drawn into Aimee Machado’s chaotic life as she tries to juggle her new job, her family life, and her love life all in one. Sharon has beautifully crafted a believable world. The characters and their interactions flow quite nicely, and the action never stops.

Aimee is certainly endearing. She’s got a lot on her plate and does her best to juggle everything to the best of her ability. Granted, she also has to make do with quite a few disappointments. All in all, she’ll come out on top, though it’s not without encountering a few mishaps along the way. Definitely looking forward to what comes for her, Harry, and Nick. Enjoyed the book immensely. This is one of those books that you won’t want to put down.




Aimee Machado is thrilled to be starting her first job as a forensic librarian at the medical center in the town of Timbergate, north of Sacramento, California. Her ebullient mood is somewhat dampened by her recent breakup with her former live-in boyfriend, Nick Alexander. And then there’s a little matter of murder: on Aimee’s first day on the job, a body is found in a nearby Dumpster and soon identified as her supervisor’s wife, Bonnie Beardsley.

Aimee’s heartbreaker of a brother and best friend, Harry, just happens to be one of the last people to see Bonnie alive, but he is hardly the only suspect. Bonnie was notorious for her wild partying and man-stealing ways, and she has left a trail of broken hearts and bitterness. Aimee is determined to get her brother off the suspect list.

Aimee’s snooping quickly makes her a target. Isolated on her grandparents’ llama farm where she fled post-breakup, she realizes exactly how vulnerable she is. Three men have pledged to protect her: her brother Harry, her ex, Nick, and the dashing hospital administrator with a reputation for womanizing, Jared Quinn. But they can’t be on the alert every minute, not when Aimee is so bent on cracking the case with or without their help.

Book 1 in a new mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Aimee Machado.



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XG8D1047 author photoAbout The Author:

Sharon St. George treks with llamas to the high mountain lakes near her home—always with a mystery novel in her backpack.

Her writing credits include three plays, several years writing advertising copy, a book on NASA’s space food project, and feature stories too numerous to count. She holds dual degrees in English and Theatre Arts, and occasionally acts in, or directs, one of her local community theatre productions.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and serves as program director for Writers Forum, a nonprofit organization for writers in northern California.



Connect With Her Online:

Website: http://sharonstgeorge.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/10908363.Sharon_St_George

Due for Discard Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23923941-due-for-discard



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