Doxology CoverLife has not been kind to Vernon Davidson. He lost his son at an early age and his wife not too long ago. His brother is ill and his nephews have kept away due to their self-imposed exiles for reasons no one truly knows about besides themselves. His disdain and anger at God and the injustices he’s feels have been committed against him grow by the day. So much so, that he’s begun to lash out at those around him in hopes of being able to make sense of the situations he finds himself in.

When Leonard takes a turn for the worst, Vernon is tasked with gathering his estranged children in the hopes that Leonard will get to see them one last time. Unable to refuse a dying man his wish, he sets out to accomplish the impossible. Making contact with one of Leonard’s sons, he asks Jody to come home and makes it clear that his father’s remaining time on Earth is limited. He also decrees that his father wishes to see his brother and sets the task of finding him within Jody’s hands.

Harboring secrets that have led him and his brother to stay away from those they love, Jody knows that this is their chance at setting all wrongs to right. Yet the thought of finding Scooter and bringing him home is daunting. Nonetheless, he prays that he’ll be able to make his brother see reason and thus ease his old man’s worry in regards to things that have happened in the past.

Embarking on a journey to gain understanding about his life and that of his family, Jody comes across secrets and further insight about those he loves. He comes to understand why his Uncle, his father, and his brother are the way they are and the reasons behind their very actions – both past and present.

As each of the men draw ever closer to redemption, their stories intertwine and they begin to understand and accept the paths they’ve all chosen in life. They’re well aware that not everything turns out the way they’ve wanted it to. Their journey’s to enlightment are rocky at best. They know that faith is always around the corner, but only if they truly believe.

While this book does have religious undertones, it’s not really a Christian story. Brian gives insight into a family full of strife and the differences between each and every one of the characters involved. We see their loves, their heartaches, and their triumphs as they strive to find their places within the world the author has built for them.

The story is full of meaning and is very poignant in the messages the author does his best to convey throughout each turn of the page. A lovely story with embedded values any of us can incorporate into our every day lives. Definitely worth reading!



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About the book: Fathers, sons and brothers reconnect over tragedy in this blue-collar Southern tale of love, loss, and the healing power of community and family. Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About the author: An arborist by day and a novelist in every moment he can steal, Brian makes up stories from the treetops. Visit Brian on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.