Disarming BC

The end of the world has changed everything. April no longer knows what’s up or down. Vampires are now in existence, determined on changing everything as she knows it. Granted, she’s not exactly human herself, but she’s not a vampire either.

Content to have her family back in her arms, April does her best to come to terms with the unexpected situation. She knows things will never be the same, though she can’t help but to wish that things were the way they used to be. Part of her yearns for the normality she and her family used to know. She wishes she could see her mother smile again. To know that she and her family will be safe, once and for all. Yet she knows that will never be.

As the Ferals continue wreaking havoc on the world around her, April soon comes to the realization that there’s more at stake than she knew. Someone out there must know what’s going on. Surely, she’ll be able to find the necessary information to make sense of what’s going on? Or so she thinks.

When news of an underground city reaches April’s ears, she becomes determined in finding out as much about it as possible. Granted, this supposed city is just heresay, but if she can find the needed information, perhaps she and the hive she’s now a part of can make something of themselves in the long run. The question is, will she be able to do what she needs to do without jeopardizing herself and others in the process?

Another winner for the Reign of Blood series, Alexia delivers an action-packed sequel that will leave you wanting to read more and more of April and her misguided adventures. The world is tough, and she’s doing everything possible to survive. Sadly, that’s not quite possible when adversity keeps coming at you left and right. Will April finally find the happiness she seeks? Will she and Jeremy make do with the losses they’ve succumbed? Perhaps the next book in the series will answer these questions and more. Can’t wait to dive into it soon!




The world has changed. One must adapt to survive or hold on to the crumbling shards of humanity.

April continues to hold her fragile world together, but the ties that hold her family together are quickly unraveling. Rumors of a massive human underground settlement draw her to the shadows of the city once more in search of other survivors more like her, even with the hybrid vampires opposing her every move.

The darkness hides secrets along with the continued threat the Feral Vampires create, but a greater evil hides within the city. Something tells April that the humans will be less than welcoming of her, and that’s if she can find them before the Vampires do. Joining sides with the enemy might be the only choice she has left.


About The Author:

Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada–Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She loves writing paranormal fantasy and poetry and devours books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food.

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