DBS BCSadie James’ life has never been boring. A part of the in-crowd at school, she’s content with the way her life is going. Granted, she’s had her share of up’s and down’s, but she wouldn’t change how things are for a minute. Except for her ex-boyfriend. He’s an ever-present thorn in her side she can do without.

Determined to make the most of the school year, Sadie immerses herself within her classes. With her best friend, Heather, by her side, she’s also willing to try new things. Though she’s not sure as to what to make of the sudden turn of events she soon finds herself in, she knows things aren’t as bad as they seem. After all, she’s captured the interest of the one person she never thought she would. Surely, school life can’t be that bad, right?

When an unexpected series of events soon start taking place, Sadie begins to realize that things are not what she thought they were. A boy she’s dreamt of her entire life has suddenly made an appearance. Though she can’t explain why that is, nor can she make sense of the way he makes her feel, she’s knows there’s a suitable explanation for what’s going. The question is, does she really want to know, or should she let things slide?

Determined to understand the strange world that now surrounds her, Sadie promises herself that she’ll never forget who and what she is. As the secrets of her past rise to the surface, she comes to the realization that those she’s loved and trusted have kept things from her from the get-go. If she’s to succeed in setting all wrongs to right, she’ll need to trust in herself and the one person she never thought she’d trust completely. Only then, will she be able to unlock the true secrets of her own existence.

A great start to a lovely series, Deep Blue Secret has action, intrigue, and all things supernatural. I loved the unique characters Christie has created, and the way she’s given them free rein to do as they wish as they strive to discover who and what they are. Sadie is determined and head-strong, always seeking to assert herself. Granted, her world isn’t what she thought it was, but she’s learning how to make do with what she’s got along the way. I look forward to catching up on more of her adventures in book two.



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California teen, Sadie James, thinks her life couldn’t get any better. She has great friends, an energetic mother she adores, and the beach practically in her own backyard. But her carefree life is turned upside down when she’s rescued by a mysterious and strangely familiar boy who won’t even tell her his name.

Each time the boy appears, Sadie’s unexplainable attraction to him deepens along with her need to unravel his secrets. The boy is there to protect her. But as wonderful and exciting as it might be to have an irresistible boy with crystal green eyes protecting her every move, every minute of the day . . . why does Sadie need one?

As Sadie finds answers, she realizes her life isn’t as perfect as she thought. Not only is she caught in a world of dangerous secret agents she never knew existed, but it turns out her true identity may be the greatest secret of all.



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CHRISTIE ANDERSON grew up in Southern California and goes back to visit every year.

She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and recently moved to Colorado with her husband.

Visit her Web site at www.christieanderson.org



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