DD ButtonDrusilla Xao has lived her entire life in space. Her parents have told her all about Earth and she’s yearned to see it with her very eyes some day. That desire has not been dampened, yet she wonders if she’ll ever get to know what it’s like to live on the planet itself. Granted, she knows it’s wishful thinking, but she can’t help but to fantasize what life down there is like.

An unexpected attack on the colony by a rogue faction cuts off her only chance to make it to Earth. They’ve also taken her parents lives and the right for her to see her beloved girlfriend, Sarah. She has no means to get out of space now, a fact she frets about more than she lets on. Drusilla does her best not to let things worry her, but she knows any attempts she makes in doing so only make the situation much more dire.

Now that war has been declared, the Chinese-American Alliance are drafting anyone available to fight at their side. Drusilla has been pulled into the fray, much to her chagrin. She has no desire to fight in the war, however. She’d rather try to figure out if there’s a possibility whether her parents are still alive. She’s also looking for ways in getting to Earth rather than stand and fight for something that wasn’t of her making.

DD BCThe Alliance, however, will have none of it. Their only goal is to cut down the radical group before they can cause any further trouble. Forced to confront her current dilemma, Drusilla has no other option but to stand and learn how to be a soldier. If she’s to succeed in reaching Sarah, and Earth, once for and for all, she’ll need to do anything and everything to ensure her own survival. That, unfortunately, is easier said than done. Never-the-less, she’ll give it all she’s got in the hopes that she’ll see Sarah sooner rather later.

This was a very unique book. Although it has a little of a slow start, don’t let that fool you. The story soon picks up and takes for you a ride as you learn more about Drusilla’s life in space, the elevator her parents were building, the war that has pulled her into its uncanny path, and Sarah, the girl who keeps giving her hope when she least expects it.

I confess at the beginning, I thought Dru was a boy. Until I took a look at the book’s description and that clarified it for me on what the character’s true gender was. A suspenseful and thrilling ride, it’s also a little thought-provoking. Definitely worth checking it out and giving it a read.





1.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth

Drusilla Xao has only seen a tree in movies and vid-games. She has never breathed air that wasn’t recycled, re-filtered, and re-used a hundred times over again. She has never set foot on the Earth.

And now she never will.

When a terrorist attack by a radical separatist group on Luna destroys the space elevator that had called so many – including her parents – to live permanently in space, Dru is cut off from any hope of ever reaching Earth and her beloved girlfriend, Sarah. The Chinese-American Alliance declares immediate war on the rebels and conscripts everyone they can get their hands on…including Dru.

Cast adrift, forced to become a soldier, trapped in a nightmare of vacuum and loneliness, Dru’s training will help her survive, but only Sarah will be able to bring her home.



About The Author:

Heavily influenced by George Romero movies and bad, poorly dubbed anime, David Colby decided to start writing almost twelve years ago. It went poorly. But, despite these early setbacks, David continued to work and write and send out submissions until someone was mad enough to accept him.

Currently living in Rohnert Park, California, while working on his English Bachelor, David Colby continues to be fascinated by George Romero movies and has realized that animes have subtitles.



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