CF Badge Ever since she can remember, Cora Flash has found the idea of Topaz Mountain. Her uncle lives there and she’s always wanted to visit him. When the opportunity arrives where she can do just that, her happiness knows no bounds. The best part of about taking a trip to see her uncle is the fact that she’ll be taking it alone. Granted, her mother isn’t too happy about that, but she’s willing to give her little girl the chance to show that she really is growing up and that she’s able to take care of herself.

Cora feels a little nervous about taking the train alone, but she also finds herself exhilarated by the idea. She’ll be able to do whatever she wants, when she wants to do it, and there’s no one around to tell her when she needs to go to bed. This also adds to her excitement. Deep inside, she wants to prove to her mother that she really can take care of herself.

Settling in for the ride, Cora finds herself making a slew of friends. Mrs. Bronwyn and her dog, Calvin, are certainly intriguing as is the young couple, Sheila and Ted. A man with dark glasses is certainly someone to keep an eye on as is the teenage girl named Abby who seems intent on keeping to herself. Willy, the attendant, is very nice and takes her under his wing from the moment they meet. Yet it’s the mysterious Mr. Sloane with his shiny silver suitcase that really catches her attention. She’s curious to know what he’s hoarding so protectively, but knows it’s none of her business and soon finds other things to keep herself occupied with.

CF BCWhen the Diamond of Madagascar, a prize someone on Topaz Mountain has acquired for big bucks, goes missing, Cora finds herself in the midst of a situation she never imagined herself to be in. Everyone is now a suspect and it’s up to her to find out what’s going on before they get out of hand. As the mystery deepens, Cora realizes that she’ll need to figure things out and fast. With time being of the essence, she dives head on in hopes of discovering the culprit before the end of their ride fast approaches in hopes of clearing her name and that of all those involved.

This was such a delightful story. I enjoyed every minute. A quick read that definitely allows the reader to immerse him/herself in a world surrounding a little girl who’s sole intent is to reach Topaz Mountain in order to spend some time with her uncle. Beautifully written, Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar is sure to keep your attention glued to every page as you try to discover the secrets surrounding the mystery of the missing diamond. This is definitely a story that anyone of any age will enjoy!



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TD PictureAbout the author:

Tommy Davey spent his youth writing mystery stories and plays, and watching reruns of Three’s Company until every line of dialogue was permanently burned into his memory. When not writing, he enjoys traveling to favorite destinations including New York City and Paris, which he plans to feature in future stories. He lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised, with a Norfolk Terrier named Calvin. “Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar” is his first novel. Connect with Tommy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, or GoodReads.

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