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CE ButtonSince last Christmas Eve, Janet Newson and her family have been dealing with the loss of their eldest daughter, Jo. Despite the fact that a year has passed, the pain and heartache is still fresh within their hearts. Janet nurses the hurt upon her sleeve and blames herself for her daughter’s death. Her husband has come to accept his grief, but keeps himself at a distance from his wife because he’s afraid of causing her more pain. Their youngest daughter, Alice, is caught in in the middle, unsure of where she stands and whether the family will truly be able to weather the unfortunate storm together.

The family’s life takes an unexpected turn when David is involved in an accident and appears with a surprise guest in tow. Janet recognizes the newcomer, but isn’t quite sure as to where she’s seen him before. As a storm begins to brew, they’re forced to co-exist with their new acquaintance. At least until the snow dies down and Nick is able to go back home.

Settling in, they begin to get to know one another, never imagining that things will change once a bright new day dawns. Succumbing to the secrets of her past, Janet finds herself in limbo as she tries to make sense of her life and the circumstances that led to her daughter’s death. Deep inside, she wants to blame the man that took Jo away from her, but she soon realizes that there’s more to the story than she allowed herself to perceive.

CE BCWith glimpses into the past, she comes to understand that there wasn’t much anyone could do to change the outcome of what happened last Christmas Eve. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. A lesson she soon learns, much to her chagrin. Forced to confront the thoughts and feelings she’s wanted to leave behind, Janet’s world is turned topsy-turvy with the revelations she once told herself she never wanted to know. Unable to walk away, she dives head on in battling her inner demon’s in hopes of accepting a situation she’s had no control over. Only then will she be able to move on in order to give her family the helping hand they so clearly need, once and for all.

This was such a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking story. Full of unique twists and turns, it’s a story that will leave the reader wondering as to what is truly real and what is not. There are subtle religious undertones found throughout the book, but I think it adds a vibrant touch to the story itself. This is a story about a family’s survival amidst the pain and turmoil of losing a loved one. It’s something we all can relate to. This is a story that will touch the hearts of those who read it in more ways than one. I enjoyed it immensely.



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‘Christmas Eve’ is a simple Winter Ghost Story.

A tale of one womans redemption from immeasurable suffering, taking you on a journey to the Heights of Heaven and the Gates of Hell, exploring the intricacies of human nature and the the deigns of fate through the eyes of a family left in torment following a horrendous accident.

‘Christmas Eve’ is a heart-warming read, set over the night when we all feel a little magic in the air.



About The Author:

Angela Burns is a retired Police Officer, living with her partner and children in Norwich, Norfolk. Having been given the gift of time, she now writes full time, living her ambition to share the stories that have floated around her head for so long.



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