BM BCFrom the moment her sister disappeared, Mel Morgan’s life has never been the same. It’s always hectic, and there’s never a dull moment. She’s promised herself that she’ll overcome the fact that she’s dead. Yet she can’t help but to wish that she had her sister back in her loving arms somehow. Granted, things haven’t exactly panned out in the direction she’s planned them to go, but she’s never stopped trying to make good on her vows.

Mel is not your ordinary young woman. Her extraordinary powers give her a slight advantage in any situation. Sure, the advantages are sometimes not to her liking, but she’s made do with everything she has at her disposal, nonetheless. She has to. It’s the only way she’ll be able to do what she has to do, and not think too much about it.

When an unexpected case lands in her land, Mel begins to wonder just what she’s gotten into. The case seems to be just like any other, until she begins to delve a tad more deeply into the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping. At first, things seem to be the usual norm. Nothing is out of place. Or so she thinks. Until the little things start popping up. It’s then she realizes that there’s more at stake than she knew.

With time being of the essence, Mel knows she’ll need to step up her game. A little girl’s life hangs in the balance, and she’s the only one who can bring her home. As tensions rise, and things start getting out of hand, she can no longer deny the similarities between this case and several past cases. Though there’s something she’s not quite seeing, she knows she’ll find the link, nonetheless. Only then, can she right all wrongs committed against her and those she’s come across.

A wonderful start to this series, Blood Magic starts with a bang, and keeps right on going. With twists and turns going in every direction, this fast-paced Paranormal Thriller will hook you in, and keep your attention glued to every page. T. G. gives us small glimpses of what’s to come, keeping you interested in the highly volatile plot and world that she’s created. Will Mel come out on top once everything is said and done? I hope so. Until then, I avidly await for what comes next for Mel and her friends.



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My name is Mel Morgan and I’m a Tracker. I find people for a living. The people I help have no idea I know exactly how they feel because I’ve lost someone too. If only I could have found the one person I’ve been looking for all these years.

My current case is no ordinary abduction. Before long I’m neck deep in blood magic – the worst kind. I need the help of a necromancer if I’m to free the kid. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

When sexy djinn Saleem asks for help things get a little hot to handle. But how can I say no? Dodging demons and sorcerers are just part of my day job.



TGA PictureAbout The Author:

I have been a writer from the time I was old enough to recognise that reading was a doorway into my imagination. Poetry was my first foray into the art of the written word. Books were my best friends, my escape, my haven. I am essentially a recluse but this part of my personality is impossible to practise given I have two teenage daughters, who are actually my friends, my tea-makers, my confidantes… I am blessed with a husband who has left me for golf. It’s a fair trade as I have left him for writing. We are both passionate supporters of each others loves – it works wonderfully…

My heart is currently broken in two. One half resides in South Africa where my old roots still remain, and my heart still longs for the endless beaches and the smell of moist soil after a summer downpour. My love for Ma Afrika will never fade. The other half of me has been transplanted to the Land of the Long White Cloud. The land of the Taniwha, beautiful Maraes, and volcanoes. The land of green, pure beauty that truly inspires. And because I am so torn between these two lands – I shall forever remain crosseyed.

I love talking to my readers so email me if you have any questions or even if you just want to chat…

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