Ardeur BC All Ardeur Lisle has ever known is pain and heartache. From the moment she turned twelve, both have been constant emotions she can never get rid of. Her tender heart laments that her parents weren’t strong enough to love her for who and what she was. They feared the fact that she was different and refused to understand that which made her unique. Part of her never ceases to wonder why they gave her away so long ago, a fact she knows she’ll forever ponder.

Joined to a demon against her will, Ardeur has done things she’s not proud of. Things that would ruin another person completely. Somehow she’s retained the goodness that sets her apart from her captors and those around her, yet she knows its only a matter of time before the demon takes control of her completely. Her heart yearns to be free of it, spurring her desires to make that happen in any way she can.

On the run from those who’ve kept her prisoner for as long as she can remember, she soon finds herself ensconced within the Abbey of Angels, a sanctuary for Supernatural’s and those who are just like her. Ardeur is happy that she’s finally free of her tormentors, even if the demon they drew into her body still resides inside of her. She can live with that fact for the time being, though, but is all the more determined to release the entity’s grasp over her completely, once and for all.

When Brody Callaghan makes an unexpected appearance into her life once more, Ardeur can’t help but acknowledge the attraction she feels for him. He’s been the driving force behind her getting up each day and has kept her from losing her mind completely to the demon that insists on corrupting her deep within. She’s content to find that Brody doesn’t care that she’s different. He’s a werewolf himself, one determined to make her his in every way possible.

Unfortunately, there’s something none of them counted on. Rae, the Angel of Death that’s loved Ardeur ever since he saved her life so long ago, isn’t willing to give up his claim upon the beautiful maiden. In his mind, he loves her with every fiber of his being and Brody is a thorn in his side he can do without. Everyone knows Death doesn’t play fair. Most especially when there’s something it wants. Rae wants Ardeur and will do everything in his power to make sure she remains his. The question is, how far will he go to in order to achieve an end to his own means?

I so totally enjoyed the beginning of this series. I confess I didn’t put this book down until the very end. Even then, I wanted to read more. It’s that engrossing!

I can only imagine the thorough research that Danielle put into the planning and writing of this book. Keeping track of all the Angels and their powers is most certainly a heavy task, but I think she did a wonderful job in doing so. It’s very apparent that she painstakingly compiled the details surrounding the world she’s created for her characters, giving the reader a wonderful experience in getting to know each and every one. I look forward to the next installment of this series.



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Born a necromancer…

Sold by parents who wanted a normal child, Ardeur Lisle now hosts a demon and was trained to be a killer for hire. As an adult possessed, dreaming of escape and of a kind face from her childhood helps keep her sane.

If she breaks free from her captors, what will this new world full of paranormal beings hold for her? Ridding herself of her demon parasite will be her first priority.

A promise kept…

Brody Callaghan never forgot the angelic blonde from his childhood. After years of military service, he swears to track down the face still haunting him from his youth.

But Brody has a furry secret of his own; one unveiled with each full moon. Will the two hold onto love with danger, deception, and an obsessed angel driving them apart?



DG PictureAbout The Author:

Danielle Gavan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and their two sons.

She loves a good book and is usually found with her nose in one. Danielle has an extensive list of them on her book pile. When she’s not writing or reading, Danielle keeps herself busy designing book covers and working as a publicist.

Her guilty pleasures are her favorite television shows Lost Girl, Ghost Hunters International and Hawaii Five-0.



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