PET BadgeFor Lucifer Morningstar, life in Hell is exactly how he perceives it to be. While the masses above think Hell is all fire and brimstone, his version of it is nothing like that. Those who are (un)lucky enough to get in, (and that’s a good many!), they get to live in the lap of luxury. No joke! There are resorts all around, casinos to gamble your life . . . err, time away, drinks, food, and practically anything you can ever ask for. These unlucky souls get it all, and still have live their lives in the Pits of Gehenna for all of eternity.

He’s ruled the Underworld with an iron thumb, though he’s been lax about a couple of things. This is because he wants life to be easy for those who make their way to Hell. Things don’t need to be that strict when it comes to spending the rest of eternity in the Devil’s lair. Lucifer is quite content to let everyone do as they please, and live a simple life. As long as they follow the little rules, that is. Mind you, there are always a lost soul or two that refuse to take things easy. Never-the-less, he’ll enforce things as they are necessary.

When a wayward soul makes its way to Hell, intent on disrupting the balance and order that exists, Lucifer must step up to the plate before everything runs amok. His comfortable existence is no longer what he thought it was. Someone is out to get him, and he’s not exactly sure why. In order to restore the fragile balance to his perfect world, he’ll need to make his way toward the Gates of Heaven in order to avoid calamity. Getting there, on the other hand, proves to be more difficult than he thought. With the beautiful Eve, a forlorn, but tough Monkey, the strong, yet indecisive Goliath, and an unexpected angel named Lenny by his side, he sets off to take back that which belongs to him.

AF BCDodging attempts on their lives coming from every direction, the rag-tag group of misfits soon learn that achieving their goals is not as easy as it seems. Their path is littered with peril, and they have to fend off everything that comes their way. Granted, achieving an end to their means might seem daunting, but they’re willing to do everything possible to make sure everything is put back to the way it was. To do that, they’ll have to set aside their differences, and work together in ways they never thought possible from the get-go.

This was honestly an interesting and delightful story. I found myself staying up very late just to finish reading it because the story itself caught my attention, and kept it glued to every page. Chock full of scenes and situations that seem so uncanny for the Lord of Darkness, Angel Falls gives you an alternate view of what life in Hell would be like. This story is so unlike anything I’ve ever ready. There were quite a good many parts that had me in tears because I was laughing so hard. Most especially the parts that involved Lenny’s unique quips. Definitely a good read!



About the Book – About the Author – Prizes!!!

Welcome to Novel Publicity’s first ever publishing house blog tour. Join us as three new titles from Perfect Edge–we’re calling them the Perfect Edge Trifecta–tour the blogosphere in a way that just can’t be ignored. And, hey, we’ve got prizes!

About the book: It’s been rough lately for the Lord of Darkness, with ex-girlfriend drama rearing its head at inconvenient moments, ancient gods returning to take over the universe, and Satan’s own unstoppable laziness. But whatever.

Satan is okay, and he thinks you’re okay, too. This whole eternal damnation thing is all a bit of a misunderstanding.

He runs Hell as a resort, kind of. A vacation spot. The point is, he’s not a bad guy. He’s trying to save Heaven and all of creation, and he only has a dimwitted giant, a surly waitress, and a monkey to help him. So, a thank you might be nice. Maybe buy him a cup of coffee next time you see him. And you will see him.

It’s the Apocalypse, and all that.

Pick up your copy of this Fantasy/ Satire through Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Barnes & Noble.

MPG PictureAbout the author: Michael Paul Gonzalez lives and writes in Los Angeles. He is the editor at, an online lit zine and small press. He is at work on his next novel as you read this. Seriously. He probably just rattled off a really amazing chapter, and someday you’ll read it and think back to this moment, and exhale. Connect with Michael on his website, Facebook, GoodReads, or Twitter.

About the prizes: Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win either of two $25 Amazon gift cards, an autographed copy of Angel Falls, or an autographed copy of one of its tour mates, The Sound of Loneliness by Craig Wallwork or Stranger Will by Caleb J Ross. Here’s what you need to do…

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