AATD Button For Gladie Burger, her life has never been normal. She has commitment issues, and has a hard time staying in one place for very long. She’s more than happy with the way her life is going. Unfortunately, her wandering existence doesn’t seem to please her grandmother. So much so, that she’s now been recruited into the family business. Ironically, it’s not a run-of-the-mill kind of thing.

You see, her grandmother runs a matchmaking service. In Gladie’s eyes, she highly unqualified. Her love life is non-existent, and she considers herself a bit of a Plain Jane. Her grandmother refuses to listen to her rebuttals, and demands in a nonchalant way that she give things a chance. With no other option but to accept the request, she gives in, intent on trying to make the most of the situation.

To her surprise, everything soon starts going downhill. Her next door neighbor turns up dead. While she may be convinced that it’s a murder, the cops aren’t exactly taking her seriously. Most especially because of a fiasco she got herself into not too long ago. Despite the fact that no one believes her, Gladie is determined to show the city’s chief of police that she really is on to something. Sadly, Spencer isn’t swayed.

AATD BCWhen unexpected attempts on her life start to take place, Gladie soon realizes that she just might be in way over her head. Someone clearly doesn’t want her to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. They’re out to silence her, once and for all, but she’s not willing to go down without a fight. Something is amiss, and she’ll do everything she can to set the record straight. Staying alive, on the other hand, is another matter entirely.

I must say, after reading this book, I’m hooked on Elise’s stories. This is romance, for sure, but she injects a little comedic value into the story itself that there were times I found myself laughing out loud at what I was reading. Gladie finds herself in such unconventional, yet endearing, situations that it’s easy to sympathize with her. Granted, her life isn’t easy, but she’s determined to make the most of what comes her way. The emotions injected into the story really pop off the page, and you find yourself hoping that Gladie really comes out on top by the time you get to the very end. I enjoyed this book immensely, and it’s definitely one I’ll read time and again.



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Certain to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie MacAlister, Elise Sax’s hilarious series debut introduces matchmaker-in-training Gladie Burger, who stumbles into a dangerous quagmire of murder and red-hot romance.

Three months has been Gladie Burger’s limit when it comes to staying in one place. That’s why Gladie is more than a little skeptical when her eccentric Grandma Zelda recruits her to the family’s matchmaking business in the quaint small town of Cannes, California. What’s more, Gladie is also highly unqualified, having a terrible track record with romance. Still, Zelda is convinced that her granddaughter has “the gift.” But when the going gets tough, Gladie wonders if this gift has a return policy.

When Zelda’s neighbor drops dead in his kitchen, Gladie is swept into his bizarre family’s drama. Despite warnings from the (distractingly gorgeous) chief of police to steer clear of his investigation, Gladie is out to prove that her neighbor’s death was murder. It’s not too long before she’s in way over her head—with the hunky police chief, a dysfunctional family full of possible killers, and yet another mysterious and handsome man, whose attentions she’s unable to ignore. Gladie is clearly being pursued—either by true love or by a murderer. Who will catch her first?



ES PictureAbout The Author:

Elise Sax worked as a journalist for fifteen years, mostly in Paris, France. She took a detour from journalism and became a private investigator before trying her hand at writing fiction.

She lives in Southern California with her two sons.

An Affair to Dismember, the first in the Matchmaker mystery series, is her first novel.



Connect With Her Online:

Website: http://elisesax.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheEliseSax

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theelisesax

Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elise-sax/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5766108.Elise_Sax



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