ATA Banner On Ulla Major, the woman is always at fault for whatever crimes or infractions have been committed. It doesn’t matter if they’re innocent. A man can do no wrong, and that’s the end of it. Adella Perski’s life has taken an unexpected turn. She’s unwittingly killed her boyfriend after a heated argument between them, and she’s not exactly sure what to do.

Putting her trust in her best friend’s hands, she and Sally now find themselves on the run. Adella isn’t quite sure of what to make of the newest turn of events. She doesn’t want Sally caught up in her mess, and tells her so time and time again. Deep inside, she wants to clear her name, and do what’s right. Yet she knows that the authorities back home won’t be so kind. They’re not likely to believe the fact that her boyfriend’s death was an accident.

Grateful for Sally’s help, Adella soon realizes that she has feelings for her best friend. Feelings, she surmises, that weren’t there before. Perhaps they were, but she never took the time to really look past them before. Unsure as to what do, she does her best to remain aloof with her newfound feelings. In her mind, doing so will allow her to come to terms with her current situation. Her best friend, however, is intent on opening her eyes to a new world, a world where the two of them are meant to be together. For Adella, this means accepting something she never thought possible.

ATAThis short story was definitely enjoyable. I found Adella’s naïveté quite endearing. She has an innocence about her that draws the reader in, allowing us to root for her despite the situation she finds herself in. She tries to do her best to be strong in the face of such unexpected adversities coming her way. Sally, her pillar of strength, is everything a girl could ever want in a best friend.

Anna crafted a world where unexpected circumstances draw two people together in more ways than one. I found myself wanting to know more about this sci-fi world she’s created. Who knows, perhaps some day there will be a longer book involving the characters themselves. I did note that there were a couple spots in the story where the editing could have been tightened, but overall, I found the book quite delightful. I look forward to reading more of Anna’s work.



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“Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand-floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant, and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella Perski is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Sally Nupson is wanted for assisting a fugitive. They are armed and dangerous.”

Just the words a girl wanted to hear. Adella is stuck running from the law with her best friend Sally by her side. She isn’t exactly wrongfully accused either, but that as they say, is a long story. They’ve been through it all together, the good and the bad. This should be no different.

Things take a strange twist when a wild space chase turns into a romantic touch between the two friends. Could this be the start of something more than lust? Will they live long enough to find out?

Be Warned: f/f sex



About The Author:

Anna delved into lesbian stories at the insistence of her girlfriend and found the fit perfect! She fell in love with the erotica genre the moment she read her first naughty novel. Anna invites you into her world of fantasy where anything is possible.

When she’s not writing she enjoys swimming, reading on the deck or trying to save her fish from her cat. (They have a love / hate relationship.)