Alfred lived a good life. Although he’d died alone, he’s never forgotten about the woman he’s loved from the moment he laid eyes on her. In his mind, he looks forward to the afterlife. He’ll be joining his late wife soon enough. Imagine his surprise when his trip to the pearly gates is circumvented. If he’s to succeed in achieving an end to his own means, he’ll need to learn everything he needs to know about living life as a snake. Doing so isn’t easy, however. Most especially when there are so many things working against him at every turn.

Kenneth Arant has written an interesting tale. Full of LitRPG elements, this is a book that captures the reader’s attention from the moment they begin reading. Mind you, this story is nothing like what one would normally find in a usual LitRPG book. That’s what makes it so appealing.

I like the fact that the author has taken risks with this story. We’re thrown smack-dab in the middle of Alfred’s predicament. He now has to contend with life as a reptile. It’s a life where the mundane is never ordinary. There’s always something new to learn around the corner. The best part? We get to learn what he learns every step of the way.

There’s no telling yet if he’ll ever get to see his wife again. I do so hope he does. Granted, she has no idea who or what he is yet. She will, though, when the time comes. What will happen between them once they finally come face-to-face remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’ll be a journey we’ll all take together. So can’t wait!


The afterlife isn’t always what you think…
A loving father of three children, Alfred lived a life of few regrets. He served his country far from home. He outlived his soulmate. He died alone.

However, his assumptions about a peaceful eternity, reunited with his wife, are thrown out the window when a meddling god digs his fingers into Albert’s afterlife.

The positive? He will have a chance to see his wife again.

The negative? He has to survive the dangers of the legendary World Tree for the next three hundred years. He’s been reincarnated into a world full of magical evolutions, monstrous deer, sassy ten-year-old elves, and untold hidden dangers. It won’t be easy, but if life has taught Albert anything it’s this: If something is worth having, it’s worth fighting for. And he intends to fight.




Hello, everyone. My name is Kenneth Arant and I like to pretend I’m a writer in my spare time. A bit about myself: I’m a retired martial artist with fourteen-years experience, six of which I used to teach others how to avoid knocking themselves out with a pair of nunchucks.

Currently, I’m a full-time night-owl with a minor caffeine addiction, and a penchant for letting my imagination run wild. My dream is to write awesome books that people will enjoy for years to come.