Trust in me tour button Oh God. I knew him. It wasn’t a coincidence. He was my Martinez, though the ownership
was only in my delusions. Tyler Martinez, my childhood neighbor, the golden boy of the barrio. I’d had a massive crush on him. He’d barely noticed me, though in his defense, he was older than me, which was a big deal when I was twelve and he was eighteen. Then he’d left for the military, I heard, and I never saw him again. Until now.

Those blue eyes widened as he looked at me, mirroring my own shock. His lips formed my name, Mia, but thank God, no sound emerged. I couldn’t believe he recognized me. It had been—what?—ten years. I couldn’t believe he even remembered me.

I must look different, all grown up. And—oh God—I’d just sucked a guy off in front of him. Not just any guy, a crime boss with a penchant for whores. Tyler knew who I was, what I was. My stomach knotted, trying to turn my body inside out. I wanted to die. My self-hatred, which I would have thought peaked years ago, climbed another notch. Bad enough that this was my life, bad enough this had always been my life, but for him to know, for him to have seen me this way, was too much.

“Here, cunt, show our new friend some hospitality,” Carlos said.

No. I don’t want to. That thought distracted me for a second. Since when did I say no, even in my mind? Somewhere deep inside, did I still think I had the right?

I met Tyler’s gaze again and was snapped back to reality. The life where, no, I didn’t have a choice. And where, worst of all, he looked chagrined by the thought of a blowjob from me. More than that, he looked disgusted, leaning away, not meeting my eyes. Jesus, there was a blow to the self-esteem I didn’t even know I had. I deserved his revulsion. I knew that better than him, but it hurt to see the eyes I had once longed for, dreamed of, judging my scantily clad body.

Pain slammed through my side. I gasped for air. Those boots again. Damn, I hadn’t been watching. Too distracted. “Come on,” Carlos was saying, “what’s taking you so long, you stupid bitch?”

TIM BCEvery cell of my body screamed to run. I would rather die, rather suffer any punishment, than touch Tyler as a whore. I’d gladly pleasure him of my own free will, but not like this. Tears filled my eyes. At least Carlos would think they were from the pain. I’d never been able to hold them back, which was probably the reason why I was Carlos’s favorite girl. His only girl.

I would have to comply. Even if I decided to leave for good, I’d have to wait and do it when I was alone. Plan an escape. If I balked now, Carlos would just beat the shit out of me until I obeyed. Or until I died. Besides, I had a purpose here. If I could help a single girl escape this, it was worth it. My dignity had dried up years ago, but other women still had a chance.




Mia may be a whore, but that will all be over soon. She’ll free the shipment of human cargo from her mobster boyfriend, a.k.a. her owner, and, if she’s lucky, die in the process. But luck abandons her yet again when she finds out that the security expert in charge of the shipment is none other than her childhood crush, Tyler Martinez.

Turns out he’s an FBI undercover agent with the same goal as Mia. Though he doesn’t trust her, Tyler and Mia must work together to free the slaves – and stay alive. Trust In Me is a dark story of erotic pain and incipient romance, spiraling ever faster toward betrayal or redemption.



About The Author:

Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica for those who like a little struggle with their sex, a little pain with their relationships. Her books are raw, sexual and perversely romantic. Visit to read the free erotic romance and femdom erotica stories.


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