STYF Button Tonya was fully aware of the atmosphere that surrounded her and although she wasn’t too alarmed, still a chill of uncertainty rolled up her spine. She shook it off and opened the door, as he had instructed. She entered his “playroom” as he called it several times before and was taken aback. The room was lit with very little light, but she could make out shapes. Contraptions sat in every corner, as did chains, whips, shackles. She saw a spanking bench and felt her insides tingle; the St. Andrews cross called to her more, as did the crops on the walls. Before her, a table with a small box caught her eye. She hesitated, and then opened the box carefully. Inside were nipple clamps, brand new, with her name etched into the metal.

Tonya smiled and her fingers toyed with the clamps, excited that he had purchased this gift for her. She lifted her head and walked to the back of the room, her bare feet cold against the black marble. The chain on the ceiling clinked, but she didn’t look up. No, she didn’t dare. Hell she wanted to, just to see what device hung over her. She was told to keep her eyes forward at all times. She would not fail.

Submit BCHer body moved of its own accord, following his instructions, taking 50 paces and then stopping. Tonya stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by toys of pleasure and pain, both of which she knew she would experience tonight. A slight breeze blew through her hair and across her hot skin, chilling her just a bit. Each light in the room began to flip on, one by one, a white and red light then spilled down where she stood, forming a circle around her. Tonya’s breathing hitched as she heard footsteps. With her head bowed, she didn’t know which direction they came from but she knew it was him.

Her Master.

The reason she was here in the first place. The reason she had to face this side of her. She owed a lot to him and so far, he was a profound teacher. For weeks, she had been under his tutelage on being a proper submissive, something that in her darkest fantasy, she ached to have. Now, all she had to do was face her fear and submit and she would be damned if he wasn’t the man to do it. Another breeze blew past her and she willed her head to remain in position. She picked up on breathing very near her and she trembled.

“Why are you shaking Tonya? Afraid? You may speak.” His whisper slid through her skin.

With her head still bowed, she swallowed a lump.

“I’m just nervous, not afraid. This was what I wanted. I’m ready to face this.”

A hard smack by his broad palm on her bare ass made her cry out in pain. She had forgotten to call him what he requested. Realizing her mistake, she braced for another blow, knowing it was coming. Instead, there was a soft pat against the skin he just thwacked. Her skin prickled as his touch and she wanted to lift her head and face him. But she knew better.

“This is the only time tonight I will correct you. You address me as Hunter. Understand? Reply Tonya.”

She puffed and replied. “Yes, Hunter.”

His deep chuckle aroused her even more, and she began to feel tiny pulses between her legs. He walked in front of her, and she noticed he was wearing black jeans. Hunter placed his finger under her chin, and brought her head up to meet his face. Shit, he was a gorgeous man; gray eyes that now looked like molten steel. Dark brown eyebrows framed those silver irises, adding more danger when it needed none. Hard features; a strong, square jawline, angular chin and straight nose gave him the look of a predator, ready to attack without notice. Dark hair, cut brutally short, completed his handsome face.

He loomed over her; his height of 6 feet plus intimidated and unsettled her; she only grew wetter as his stare bore into hers. He stepped into her personal space, and her nipples stabbed his chest through her sheer blouse. Tonya glanced at his torso, which was bare. He was miles and miles of tanned heaven; his abs rippled and his pectorals flexed whenever he took a breath.

No doubt, this man had the power to dominate. She knew that from the first time she met him. Tonya rejoiced in the knowledge that tonight, he was here to make true on her desires, help her to fulfill them, accept who she was.

Tonight, she would give him everything and hold nothing back.




In this anthology, Lynn Myshe’ Joseph lets you explore five different fantasies. From the boardroom to the bondage room, you will discover what it feels like to be bound and restrained, the hesitations and doubts of first timers, and how thin the border between reality and fantasy is. Welcome to a world where you will submit to your fantasies!



About The Author:

Lynn Myshé Joseph is a married mother of three and is fairly new to erotica writing, but not writing in general. She’s an avid lover of the unknown and wants to explore the forbidden –  through writing of course!

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