HM Button Auralee Fraser rolled her eyes in frustration at her over-protective brother. Letting out a sigh, she tried to make him see reason. “Trystan, he’s your friend, I know this. But he’s sweet and funny. There’s no reason we can’t date. I’ve known him as long as you have.”

“There’s plenty of reason you can’t date. I know him Auralee.” Trystan stood from his seat at the kitchen table and walked toward his sister’s front door. “I know the way he thinks, how he speaks of girls he finds attractive, how he brags about getting them into bed with him and then tossing them aside when he’s finished. Is that what you want to be? Another notch for his belt? Someone more for him to tell tales about? Yes, Kaeden is my friend. But he’s not going to date my sister.”

“Have you forgotten that your sister happens to be an adult?”

Raising his eyebrow, Trystan looked at his sister. She was an adult, at least by her age. Sometimes he questioned her maturity. “Once again, you’re being rash. You aren’t thinking it through.”

“You’re just a brut and have spent years bullying everyone into doing it your way. Well, Mr. Overgrown NFL Football Player Brother, it doesn’t work on me. I’m not afraid of you.”

“Oh, Auralee, I don’t want you to be afraid of me. I just want you to listen to reason. Don’t you want to find the perfect guy, settle down, and then have a family? Kaeden isn’t that man.”

If only Trystan knew the extent of the truth in his words. Auralee wanted a large extended family and lots of children. She wanted aunts and uncles and cousins. Grandparents and nieces and nephews. She wanted nosey sister-in-laws and over-protective brother-in-laws. The Fraser family hated one another. Several years ago they’d all even given up trying to appear as a well-adjusted extended family by cancelling such bitter events as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family reunions. They had all settled into small immediate family functions with close family and friends that they didn’t want to stab with their forks over dinner.

HM BC“I simply wish I could be booted from this century. Perhaps to Scotland, in the 1700’s. I could wear pretty dresses, have people who helped me brush my stubborn hair and who made certain my bath was warm. I’d have a husband that would honor me until his death. I’d have many children and a huge clan to call family.”

As Trystan cleared his throat to gain his sister’s attention, he shook his head. “Umm, Auralee, snap out of it. Sometimes I think you take your history major a bit too seriously. Aren’t you a bit old for fairytales?”

Before she could stop herself, Auralee had crossed her arms across her chest and stomped her foot, just stopping short of sticking out her tongue. “A girl’s gotta have her dreams. You know?”

“Dreaming is good. But how about we try to keep it at least minimally realistic? Your medieval Highlander in a kilt isn’t going to show up at the front door, sword in hand swearing to defend you to the death. And if he does, little sister, I’ll even put on a kilt.”

She watched as Trystan finally opened the front door to leave. “Trystan, you do know what they wear under a kilt?” Her smile was as big as her brother’s as he closed the front door.

Auralee heard his truck pull out of the driveway and found herself still laughing out loud at the thought of her macho brother wearing what he considered a skirt. With nothing under it. It was a sight she’d pay dearly to see, if only there was a chance in hell of it.

Locking the door, she turned to go upstairs for a much needed shower. Then it was time to dive into her weekend of research for a project she was putting together. Auralee was determined to show the Campbell’s in true Scottish fashion even though they received slights due to siding with the English all those centuries ago. There had to be something and she was going to find the proof.




Meet Auralee Fraser and see into her life as it is in 2012. As a history major doing Scottish research (and fluent in Gaelic) she feels misplaced – perhaps born in the wrong century. But she is still a woman and her over-protective brother is on her last nerve.



About The Author:

Kharisma Rhayne, author of GLBT, BDSM and extreme Erotica, loves everything erotic! A man and a woman, two men, two women — any combination may be found in her books. She embraces the concept of uninhibited sex. No boundaries and complete trust. To Kharisma, nothing is more beautiful and erotic than a naked man or woman. She refuses to be told she’s not supposed to be turned on visually!

A firm believer in “you’ll never know until you try,” she loves experimentation and that often comes out in her books. You’ll also find that Kharisma has a thing for bad boys, ripped abs and big dicks.

When you pick up one of her books, she wants you to walk away turned on and inspired! Come take a stroll into Kharisma’s world of ecstasy and experience those fantasies you’d never dream of doing–or grab a few ideas and test them out.

Never one to slow down, Kharisma writes several additional genres including crime, medical, historical and paranormal. You can find her at Red Lipstick Journals, Erotic Diaries and as a guest reviewer for Simply Erotic Reviews.


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