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Chapter Nineteen

The kitchen staff began serving the new recruits. One young familiar looking man stood up after being served.

“Sir, if it’s no trouble, I believe I could complete that paperwork you mentioned while I eat. I’m not that tired.”

Several more added their own comments on the subject. Now that they were here, they were eager to get things started. Raphael had chosen wisely–this group of young men appeared to be the best recruits he’s seen in a long time. He nodded, grabbed the forms from the upstairs office. Just as he approached the first table to pass them out one of the men stood and offered to do that for him.

He leaned back against the wall and watched as the men tended to eat with one hand and write with the other.

Sometimes sitting back and watching new recruits from afar would tell him more than having an hour long conversation with them. He was immediately impressed with the entire bunch. The same kid who offered to eat and do his paperwork looked like someone he knew but he couldn’t quite remember where he had seen him.

He left his position against the wall and stood next to the recruit who was signing his name on the last form. “Excuse me son, have I met you before? Your face is very familiar.”

“No sir, I have not had the honor. But I do believe you may have met my father. They say I look just like him. He served with the Guardians many years ago. His name is Bear…”

EN BC“Bear Hunter… Are you Bear Hunter’s kid? Well, I’ll be damned. How is the old son-of-a-bitch?”

“Yes sir, that’s my father and he is well, sir. Thank you for asking.”

“Next time you talk to him; you tell him hello from me.”

“I’ll do that sir. I’m sure he will be happy you asked about him. He has a lot of fond memories from his service days.”

Raziel nodded his head and then walked off. Damn, Bear Hunter’s kid. Wow, never thought that one was one for settling down. If that kid has any of his dad in him, he’ll be one fine soldier.

Raziel picked up the information packets on Raphael’s recruits. He started assigning the vacant rooms to teams

who came in together. He made a quick decision and decided to put Hunter in with de’Angelo. It seemed like it would be a good paring.



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Landing in Arizona, after an exciting teaching career, which took her to the Middle East for several years, she lives in Arizona where she spend most of my time making love to her computer while writing, editing or researching, seven to ten hours a day. The days she’s not writing, you will find her with my critique partners at Starbucks, attending or presenting a workshop or at a RWA meeting.

Being a Native American woman and a Scorpio, she’s always had a fondness for history, mythology, the occult, and the unexplained events which have occurred on this world we call home. It was no wonder she found herself writing a paranormal series.

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