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I took a deep breath as Sally slowed the vessel, a damn good vessel that I was going to start praising more often. “Is it over?” I asked between gasps. My breath was erratic and my heartbeat pounded in my ears.

“Four-Five-Two, resume controls.” Sally let go of the wheel. “We hit their drive engine so they’re not going to follow us. I’m taking the short way…” She stepped closer and her voice lowered. “…through the asteroid field…” Sally came to me. She knelt before my seat but her eyes were not on my face.

“Shit!” I covered my boobs, the freaking things were impossible.

“We have to talk about this…about what happened,” Sally said as she lifted her hand and placed it over mine. “If you want to stay friends… If that’s the only way I can get you…I will.”

“It’s just…murder, a space chase, and a declaration of love in the same week can overwhelm a girl,” I said. Instead of telling her the wild feelings roaming my mind, I took the safe route. What if there was something between us? That would mean our friendship would change, and if we broke up as I always do, I’d have no one. “Sally…”

She moved my hands and glanced at my bare breasts. I wanted to cover them again but she held both wrists. The stupid seat still strapped me in. Sally leaned forward and her lips found the hard peak. She suckled and my world blurred. “Adella…” She whispered against my flesh. Her teeth scrapped at the sensitive skin around my nipple. “So damn pretty.”

She thought I was pretty? I glanced down at her. It was so strange to see a women, let alone my best friend, sucking at my nipple. It sent thrills through my body, but it also made my heart ache. What if we were meant to be? What if the string of bad boyfriends was because I should have been looking for a girlfriend?

ATASally kissed her way to my other breast and showed the other nipple just as much attention. My breasts were zinging with sensation. Then her hand shifted lower, to my thighs. She spread my legs and cupped my crotch.

I jerked. How could I not? This was so foreign, so strange, and I was staring at my best friend for fucks sakes!

“Tell me to stop…and I will.” Sally whispered the words.

Well there it was—my out. All I had to do was say one little word and it would end. Too bad my body and mind had come to an agreement. This was a good thing. I bit my bottom lip and shifted my hips giving Sally more access.

She rubbed my pussy over the pants and the material was far too thin to hide anything. Did she feel the moisture? I leaned over and unhooked the belt that kept me strapped in. Now free, my hands went to her head and I brought her face to mine. “This will change everything…between us.”

“Adella, I’ve been addicted to you for so many years. This is my dream, my fantasy…” Sally pressed her lips against mine.

The kiss, my first kiss with a woman and it was amazing. I’d been kissed softly before but this was feather light, like I was precious. She was so delicate, her tongue swept gently at my bottom lip and I opened. Our mouths melted together. My lips tingled as they pressed so sweetly against hers. It was silk against silk and I quickly found myself craving this new touch.

Sally pulled away. Her mouth found my hard nipple once more. She made love to the bud. Her tongue and lips sent me to a fevered pitched. I wiggled and fidgeted in the chair as her mouth worked magic on my flesh. “Stand up.” She whispered the words but they still had that hint of an order.

I lifted my body, standing as she unbuttoned the four measly little things that held my pants together. Then she pulled the pants down my legs and to the control room floor. A groan left her lips that was so guttural it made my breath hitch. “Sally, I don’t know if I can…” I had never been with a woman. Would I like it? If it was anything like that kiss, I would but, what if I didn’t. What if I didn’t enjoy eating pussy? What if I needed cock to be truly happy?

“Just feel…” Sally muttered against my thigh. Her tongue swiped at the rim of my panties and slowly kissed her way to the center of my wet crotch. She licked at the material, little strokes that sent my skin on fire. I couldn’t hold the groan. It felt so decadent.

I glanced down seeing Sally’s dark head of hair between my legs. This was Sally, sweet, honest, reliably Sally. Her tongue slipped underneath my panties and swiped at my creamy center. I gasped, pleasure spiked through my system. “More.” Did I say that? That tongue explored again. It slid over my hole and prodded the entrance before retreating.

“Captain.” The AI interrupted.

“What!” Sally growled the word.

“Destination in one minute.”

I groaned. Plunker’s Moon, I could see it through the window as it rapidly came towards us. We were almost there. Sally moved between my legs. Did she not hear the announcement? “Sally…”

“First, I want you to cum. I have been waiting eighteen years to lick your pussy and watch your face as you orgasm. I am getting that right here. Right now.”



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“Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand-floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant, and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella Perski is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Sally Nupson is wanted for assisting a fugitive. They are armed and dangerous.”

Just the words a girl wanted to hear. Adella is stuck running from the law with her best friend Sally by her side. She isn’t exactly wrongfully accused either, but that as they say, is a long story. They’ve been through it all together, the good and the bad. This should be no different.

Things take a strange twist when a wild space chase turns into a romantic touch between the two friends. Could this be the start of something more than lust? Will they live long enough to find out?

Be Warned: f/f sex



About The Author:

Anna delved into lesbian stories at the insistence of her girlfriend and found the fit perfect! She fell in love with the erotica genre the moment she read her first naughty novel. Anna invites you into her world of fantasy where anything is possible.

When she’s not writing she enjoys swimming, reading on the deck or trying to save her fish from her cat. (They have a love / hate relationship.)