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The Cogs of Time anthology is a step into the Steampunk world that flows seamlessly from traditional to new and inventive ideas. Eleven short stories, seven original artworks, and six amazing poems take the reader on an adventure through time, space, and worlds yet to be discovered. Here are seven short descriptions from seven out of the eleven stories to give you a little taste of what you will find awaiting you inside the pages of 2014’s must read anthology.

Letters to the Prince by Emma Michaels ~ Letters to the Prince features a viscount, Daniel, who discovers his confidante and childhood love is the prince. When the prince is sent on a dangerous mission that risks his life, Daniel will have to decide between the life he has known and the love he has always wanted. Not willing to let the man he loves get hurt in a war between countries, he sets out to join him on an airship that is headed behind enemy lines.

Captive Sleep by Andrea L. Staum ~ Domaroc Lowe only wants to get home to his new bride and unborn child, but a faulty converter forces his cargo ship to land in the Jungles of Ruus. Smoke filled cabins force the crew out under the stars where the aromatic jungle lulls him into restless sleep. He awakens to find himself in the clutches of Quanda, second-in-command of the Ranar Clan, a breed long thought to be myth.

After the Flare by Faith Marlow ~ The solar flare of 2115 wiped the earth of all electronic and digital technology. Pen and Hitch are in search for the roots of our ancient past and the moment of conception of the technology age. But is the world ready for what they have discovered?

Sandy Marlin: Frontier Brewer by Deborah Dalton ~ To live by yourself in the lonesome or in luxury under a businessman’s thumb? This Sandy Marlin, is world’s foremost brewer, dilemma. However, that choice may be made for her and against her own desires.

First Steps by Zoe Adams ~ Beauty, charm, elegance, and sophistication. That is what is expected of a geisha. Join Ichisumi on her journey into a world like no other.

Point of Departure by Wayne Carey: The Tesla Portals have opened the world to everyone with their instantaneous travel, so an old explorer is no longer needed—or so Harrison Pierce believes. His retirement is cut short when the British government asks him to travel through a portal to somewhere new, a world unknown…on a rescue mission.

Amelia by Samantha Ketteman ~ After watching her mysterious hero kill her would-be attacker, Amelia finds herself running for her life. In a desolate city where everyone has vanished, she searches for answers and memories. Will the stranger shadowing her be the answer to her questions about who she is and why she is alone, or will he be her death?

Wren City by Catherine Stovall ~ When a letter from her lost love calls Cassandra Dalton back from The University to the city of her birth, she has no idea what to expect. To her surprise, the smoke belching and dirt filled city has transformed into a beautiful world, but behind the veneer and in the Clock Tower’s shadow, darker things hide. Together with her childhood friends and revolutionary allies, Cassandra must free the downtrodden from what holds them prisoner in their own world.



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Date: January 9, 2013
Time: 2 p.m. till 12:00 p.m. Central Time



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Go on an adventure through unheard of places in time and existence. Here in these remote areas, thriving cities, and secret worlds, a strange technological revolution reigns. Inside these pages inventors, dreamers, and revolutionist rule in worlds of steam driven machines, cog powered humanoids, clockwork miracles, and paranormal magic. Dressed in corsets, top hats, and cog lined finery the heroes and heroines face down immense obstacles as they take to the skies in airships, use incredible technology that is a mix between ancient and futuristic, and discover love.

Fifteen talented authors, artists and poets have come together in the must read anthology of 2014. The product of this collaboration is an incredible journey through a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure, history, paranormal, and romance that embraces the roots of Steampunk while pushing the genre to new, bolder limits.





1 Amanda Gatton
2 Catherine Stovall
3 Robert Craven
4 Samantha Ketteman
5 Cindy J. Smith
6 Emma Michaels
7 Faith Marlow
8 Nina Stevens
9 Wayne Carey
10 Zoe Adams
11 MJ Baerman
12 Eada Janes
13 Andrea Staum
14 Deborah Dalton
15 SJ Davis

Cover Artist: Rue Volley
Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing



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