(This was a random muse born from listening to a couple songs via my Kindle Fire last night.)


The One

I burned the memory of you,
deep into my heart.
I hold it under lock and key.
A treasure from which I’ll never part.

Circumstance made you walk away,
and broke the ties that bound us.
Yet the memories remain,
and surface in one big rush.

There are times,
when I’d like to run from the truth.
To deny what I feel,
and pretend that I never loved you.

Yet to do so,
would mean death.
I’d flounder in that dark abyss,
even as I were to draw breath.

I sometimes wish that we would have had that chance.
To know whether we could have been.
Even now I forever wonder,
if I’ll ever get to see you again.

You’re the one I can never let go.
The one embedded deep within my soul.
The one who holds my heart.
Forever consumed by these feelings I can never truly show.

© Mar. 29, 2012 L.E.M.