Anger boils beneath the surface.
Bleeding through my very pores.
Dripping down between my fingers.
Pooling across these wooden floors.

Standing near a cracking precipice.
Rattling those locked doors.
Battling a darkness that lingers.
Treading water across life’s shores.

Bitterness hovers high above.
So much that I can almost taste it.
Clouding my senses.
Lost within its obscured orbit.

Battling demons that I can never get rid of.
Refusing to submit.
Voices that whisper broken promises.
Always wondering if this is it.

Seething with emotion.
I wonder why I always try.
To make amends and set things straight.
To see past all the lies.

I’ve been contemplating the notion.
To see things eye to eye.
To set aside an anger that refuses to abate.
And pray it’s not good-bye.


© Jan. 16, 2012 L.E.M.