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So I was asked recently why I have two different Twitter feeds. Well, I thought I’d address that so there’s no confusion. Mind you, this doesn’t cover my pen names, as listing everything in my #network will take forever. So today, I’ll just address Lissette E. Manning.

One—this one:—is linked directly to this page. Everything I share with you all here goes straight to it.

The other one—this one:—is where I tend to be a little more open and share just about anything on it. I consider this account my personal Twitter, in all honesty. You never know what I’ll be posting on there.

I welcome you all to follow me on both of these Twitter’s, as well as these other social media platforms. As you can see, I’ve tried to cover each current platform available. I know there are more places I’m found on online, but I can’t remember the entire list, so this will do just fine, I think.

Thanks for being a part of the page/my network. It’s awesome to have you all here.

(I’m in the process of remodeling it, so there’s nothing on here, at the moment.)
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