It honestly feels so good to really be writing again. The more I think about the new project—Catch-22—the more its title keeps growing on me. So much so, that I’ve come up with a tagline for the new book.

He’s always been her kryptonite.

Mind you, this isn’t much when it comes to fleshing out a book’s summary, but it’s a start, don’t you think? I honestly think so. More will come soon enough.

The main characters, Lance Coleman and Kitana Blake, are talking to me in ways I’ve never imagined. I know this isn’t much to go on in regards to this project, but it’s information I’m making available to you all here and now. That counts for something, I believe.

The genre for this book is erotic romance. The plan is to release this book under my pen name, A. B. Panell, once it’s done, edited, and polished completely. When the exact date for that will be has yet to be determined. I’ll definitely keep you all posted as I go along, trust me.

Some news is good news, right? All things considered, of course.

Stay tuned to what’s to come!