NotebooksMost of you know I’ve been a little quiet lately on almost all of my social media platforms. I’ll post, here and there, but not as much as I used to.

If you remember a post I made a while back, I’ve been in a sort of slump, questioning everything around me. Well, I’ve started making a few changes, while reworking a lot of my stories.

I’ve also been preparing to move some of my already released work (Mostly the romance/erotica stories I’ve written.) to a different pen name. I’ve already begun building some social media platforms for it. Mostly, blogging and Twitter. Wattpad and several other social media platforms will be coming soon for the pen name as well. There’s a personal Facebook, but the actual author page for the name isn’t ready/up yet.

Quite a few people close to me already know of the name I’ve been blogging/writing under these past few weeks. They’ve been awesome in keeping it under wraps, though, until I finalize all the changes I’ve been working on for it.

I’ve been writing new stories and rewriting some of my already written/published stories, while preparing it all for re-release soon enough. New covers, content, the works. It’s been a little hectic, to say the least, but I welcome the new changes I’ve been making. I promise I’ll reveal this new pen name as soon as I’ve finished putting everything together for it.

What this means is that the Closure series, Tales of Velosia: Forever Yours (Although this is science-fiction/fantasy short stories series, it is erotica.), In Mercy’s Hands, as well as other works are to be moved over to this new pen name, eventually.

I’ve decided to keep Lissette E. Manning for my science-fiction/fantasy stories, as well as the poetry and related short stories for these genres. This consists of keeping The Child of Calamity series, Stuck and all subsequent books, and all future books that pertain to these genres.

My paranormal/New Adult stories (The Falgori series, Haunted series, etc.) are still tied to this pen name. It’ll remain that way, for the time being, until I finish completely setting up my Elizabeth Riordan pen name. If you remember, I mentioned this pen name aeons ago, but it sort of dropped to the back burner. I’ve been taking the time to bring it back up again, and move these books and several others to the pen name. These will also get new covers/content/etc.

All of this is a lot of work, which is why I’ve been so quiet these days. I promise I haven’t dropped out of existence. I just want a fresh start for everything. I also want to bring you all the new content I’ve been working on.

Getting used to these pen names will take time, I know, but I promise it’s all me. It’s easier for me to keep track of what I’m working on if I attach it to a certain pen name. Right now, I have everything clumped under Lissette E. Manning, and I think it confuses some people when they go to look for a certain book under the genres I write under this name, and find all sort of books/stories/genres linked to my name instead. So to keep it from getting so confusing, I’ve been branching everything out to each pen name I’ve assigned to each genre as I go along.

I’ll be posting more about what goes where soon enough, so definitely keep an eye out for the news. My main brand/author name is, and always will be, Lissette E. Manning. That will never change, I promise you.

I appreciate your patience, lovelies, and do apologize for the delay on new releases and what not. It’s all coming, I assure you. I hope you all stick around to see it all happen.

Thanks for your support. Much love, hugs, and blessings to all!