Good morning, everyone.

I seem to find myself up super early (Or late, depending on whether I’ve slept.) these days. I trust you’re all having a good day, thus far.

I bring you all the newest excerpt for Initiation: The Beginning. It’s not often I share snippets of an entire book like this. In the past, I’d only share bits and pieces, here and there. This time around, though, I’m enjoying the fact that I’m sharing what I’ve been writing with you all every step of the way.

I do so hope you all like what’s been shared, thus far. LitRPG is quite a different genre to what I normally write. I confess it’s been an awesome ride, so far, in seeing what the characters have in store for me.

This world I’ve been creating is huge. There are actually quite a few stories written already that are set within the the created game world. Mind you, most of them are just short stories right now. Which I plan on extending, truth be told.

Anywho, I’ve dilly-dallied enough already. Please keep in mind that this hasn’t been edited. Without further ado, here’s today snippet.