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I love ducks. I always have. My mother used to tell stories about how every time she took me to the Calgary Zoo when I was little I would spend far more time watching the ducks in their pond than I would the more exotic animals in their cages. It’s still true.

Recently my family and I went on to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We spent a week traveling around the province and taking in the sights which are much more nautical in nature than what we find here in the prairies. On our last day my husband asked me what I wanted to do. Anything at all. I choose to go to the Public Gardens to watch the ducks (and take their pictures).



This relates to my writing. Honest.

I make myself crazy. Just in general, but also especially with writing J. I over-think things and am a wee bit of a perfectionist. That means, for example, that even though I know first drafts are meant to suck, have been doing NaNoWriMo since 2003 and quote Hemingway’s thoughts on first drafts regularly, I still put too much pressure on myself and can paralyze myself before I even get the first sentence on the page. It is not a good thing.

I know better, intellectually, I do but some things just can’t be out-thought. I think this is one of them.




However, they can be worked around.

I’ve learned a lot of ways to trick myself over the years, or work around the obstacles I put up for myself, and one of them is ducks. Well, okay, actually it’s relaxing and shutting off my brain, but one way to do that is watching ducks.

When my husband retires we are going to buy a small acreage somewhere and keep ducks. Wild or domestic, it’s all good. But once I have those little dudes within easy walking distance I bet my productivity goes through the roof. In the meantime, however, I’ll  just have to maximize the benefits I get from the sporadic exposure I have to them now.

How about you? What is your favourite way to relax?



AS BCSynopsis:

Three of Rhonda Parrish’s beloved Aphanasian stories brought together in one collection for the first time!

A Love Story: Z’thandra, a swamp elf living with the Reptar, discovers a human near the village. When she falls in love with him, she faces the most difficult choice of her life, a decision that will affect the Reptar for generations.

Lost and Found: Xavier, the escaped subject of a madman’s experiments, and Colby, a young lady on a mission to save her brother, must combine their efforts to elude capture and recover the magical artifact that will save Colby’s brother before it’s too late.

Sister Margaret: A vampire hunter and a half-incubus swordsman are hired by a priestess to kill the undead pimp that is extorting, torturing and murdering vulnerable girls.



RP PictureAbout The Author:

When she isn’t being crafty, playing video games or procrastinating, Rhonda writes fantasy, YA and horror stories and poems. Also, she loves sushi.



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