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With so many projects on the go it’s hard to keep things organized and on track. However, when you’ve got the motivation it can be a rewarding experience. Recently I submitted a novel to a NY publisher and got a rejection – a very nice one that gave me room for thought and made me glad I’d submitted – but it was still a rejection. It motivated me to improve on the story, to work in what their concerns were without throwing the story away. And I hope readers will truly enjoy the book when it come out in July.

Having said that, I don’t think my writing is poor quality – I wouldn’t get published if it didn’t hold up to industry standards. No, I simply have come to the conclusion that the smaller publishing houses are a good experience and I have more of an opportunity to work with my style within them. I tend to write outside of the box, and some of the major players like their formulated styles.

TCGC BCAs an author you’re making a product to sell to the consumer. Its up to you to know what your reader wants and that means you have to look at it logically – while still having fun. It’s a business plain and simple. Does it keep a person busy? For sure. Edits, rewrites, research, all take up time that you, the owner/author, must manage. I don’t believe that it should consume every waking minute but a good five hours a day shouldn’t be unheard of.

Am I guilty of spending more than that on the computer? Yes, I’m afraid so. What do I have to show for it? Multiple books on the market as both myself and under my pen name, Elise Whyles. Chances to appear on television to talk of the industry, people recognizing my name when I go into a book store. These are perks which I truly enjoy, they allow me to explore my writing style, my motivations, my voices without having to be worried if its formulated enough or over formulated.

It’s not always easy but it is rewarding. When I hear back from a fan that my work has touched them, that they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do that. I’m touched that as an author, my work is an inspiration to others. Busy – yes, insane – probably…regretting it? Not for a moment.



SB BCSynopsis for The Cow Girl’s Christmas:

For Holly Walker Christmas is about more than just flashing lights, it’s about having some sexy time with her husband. This year, however, she’s got a secret that could destroy everything . . . or save their future.



Synopsis for Sin’s Bite:

Lady Kora has spent three hundred years within the hallowed wallsof her ancestral home – now on the brink of becoming a full Vampire, she’s faced with the hardest choice ever . . . claim her mate, one sworn to hunt her kind . . . or spend eternity alone.



PB PictureAbout The Author:

Reading has been such a large part of my life. I cut my literary teeth on such author’s as Louis L’Amour, Nora Roberts and Janet Dailey. For me it wasn’t such a jump from reading the wonderful tales these author’s spun to imagining my own.

Soon I was writing poetry, short stories and by junior high I’d written my first full length romance novel. Since then I’ve taken my love of history and my passion for writing and combined them into what I hope will continue to prove a successful career.

With six books contracted, four of which are currently available in print. All are available in electronic format with the last two ebooks due for a release in May and the other in the summer. I’m currently working on three projects, an erotic paranormal romance featuring a witch who lovesChristmas, another Ancient Ireland novel, rich in the history of the Irish Celtic peoples, and plotting out a Cowboy Series tentatively titled “The James Gang”.

Of course I’ve got a lot more on the go. I’m developing and growing my editing company with some amazing authors, working on getting the books that Blade had revamped to fit the submission guidelines for some other publishers and keeping up on my writing and being a full time mom, working outside of the house…its amazing what I can manage in a 16 hour day.