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What to talk about out of the thousand things I could pick? I guess it should be what is most important to me right now: the release of my first book, Windswept, by Soul Mate, which came out April 11 of 2012. But this is not about the book per se, but rather how I got here to this milestone.

I credit my writer’s group, RWA, of which I’m sure many of you are members. Romance Writers of America is an incredible group and, if you don’t belong, I urge you to find a chapter to join. I’m a member of the Western NY RWA and they’re supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and multi-published. I’ve been writing ever since I remember but it was only after I joined our WNY RWA that I began to have success.

The years I wrote alone, with no guidance, I was a veritable babe in the woods. I could write, but I knew squat about the business of writing. They were my Dark Ages. Now I have what amounts to a support group of other writers. They’ve helped me as much as medical support groups do alcoholics or overeaters. I learned so many things in my first year—how make an impact with your first line, first page etc., how to pace the middle, and where and how to end it, how to write a query letter, the importance of conferences, and how to pitch your novel.

Windswept BCIf you don’t have an RWA chapter near you, start one, or join a writer’s group at a college in town or library or whatever. What’s important is the camaraderie and the support, the expertise and the network. So, whether you join RWA or a generic writing group, become a part of a larger enterprise than you and your laptop in the corner of the bedroom. Don’t slide into Dark Ages.




Windswept is a romantic novel of redemption and family values and fighting for what is important. Sailing Windswept has always been a family affair and many of Caroline and David Hartford’s fondest memories have taken place on Chesapeake Bay sailing in all kinds of conditions and exploring the bay.

When husband David is unfaithful and commits the ultimate betrayal by bringing his mistress aboard Windswept, Caroline’s world is shattered. He leaves her and she is forced to rely solely on herself for the first time in her life. She has to be a single parent to her daughter, Lily, and to decide if she can forgive David for tearing her family apart.

As David and Caroline work to put their marriage back together, events and other people conspire against them, over and over.  Their relationship begins to heal, but the couple is caught in a horrific storm and waterspout on the bay, heading straight for Windswept. They want a chance to love again but Mother Nature might have other ideas.



About The Author:

Cynthia has been writing all her life, as a newspaper reporter, editor and novelist. She even asked for (and received) a play typewriter for Christmas when she was about ten.

To be near her children and granddaughters, she and her newly retired hubby, moved to the Buffalo, NY area. Through her daughter, who is also a writer, she got hooked up with RWA (Romance Writers of America) and good things started to happen.

She is now writing more novels, taking lots of trips and relaxing by the pool on gorgeous summer days in Western, NY.

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