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Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be here today and talk with you about my latest release, Some Like It Sinful.

Raspberry dark chocolate brownies.  Chocolate covered almond cookies.  Dark chocolate lava cake.  Apple-ras-blackberry muffins.  Loganberry Danish.  Getting hungry yet?  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t gain a few pounds while writing Some Like It Sinful. The heroine of the story, Chloe, is a pastry chef and the proprietor of a bakery. In order to accurately describe the sight, smell, and taste of the goodies, I naturally had to do my research.  Like me, Chloe puts her craft before her figure and she’d hand over her prize mixer before ever making something – shudder! – fat-free.  Lucky for Chloe, the perfect way to burn a few calories lands in her shop.

Griffin Lange is a hotshot hockey player who gets into a bit of trouble at a fundraiser.  At least that’s his side of the story.  On the law’s side is a small felony auto theft charge that leaves Griffin sentenced to community service at Chloe’s bakery (okay, so nepotism may have played a part in the deal).  Griffin may not be at the shop by choice, but it doesn’t take long for Chloe to bake her way into his…er, heart.

I had so much fun writing (and researching!) this story, and I hope you enjoy it, too.  What are some of your favorite sinfully delicious treats?



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Their attraction is sinfully delicious…

A struggling business and one act of vandalism may have brought them together, but bakery owner Chloe Nelson and professional hockey player Griffin Lange get along like chocolate and pickles. Chloe needs the famous (and famously unattached) Griffin to attract people to her pastries, and Griffin needs the curvaceous and fiery Chloe to keep him out of trouble. A fake relationship to keep the media interested seems like the perfect plan.

But when temptation throws them into bed together, a new plan arises. Why not make the fake real? Griffin’s winning every home game, and Chloe’s business has never been better. Both know it’s only physical—and only temporary. But can they drop their defenses for love, even if it means getting a little bit sinful?



RI PictureAbout The Author:

Robbie Terman began her journey as a writer in third grade, when she completed her first (24-page) “novel.” Many years later, she is published in contemporary romance. Her heroines are feisty, her heroes Hot (yup, that’s with a capital H!). And, when you read her books, if you tear up a little and laugh a lot, that’s just the reaction she was hoping for.

Robbie lives in Michigan and spend s her time wishing she lived somewhere warmer. When she’s not writing, Robbie can often be found at Nordstrom, shopping for shoes and handbags. She’s also a wannabe foodie, who’s always looking for a new restaurant to try or a recipe she’ll inevitably screw up.

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