When I first scheduled this guest post, it didn’t dawn on me how significant the date was. Being Canadian, it’s easy to forget that our Thanksgiving happens nearly a month before American Thanksgiving. It wasn’t until I settled down to write the post that I clued in. So, in the spirit of camaraderie and respect, I’m going to tell you some things I’m thankful for.  I could spend hours telling you about what I’m grateful for as a mom/wife/daughter/sister/Canadian citizen, but instead I’m going to focus on the things that Sinead the writer/reader/author finds to be thankful for. This is by no means a complete list, but I don’t want to keep you here until Christmas. lol

I’m grateful for the many little neurosis that make writing a natural fit for me. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be grateful for the ‘crazy’, but I am. If I wasn’t an melodramatic night-owl, with borderline Multiple Personality Disorder, a penchant for hyperbole, and an incurable addiction to coffee and words, I may never have taken up writing as a career. Add my obsession with self-analysis, my penchant for amateur sociology, my peculiar brand of obsessive compulsion (which I refer to as WCD or Writer’s Compulsive Directive),  and my love of books in general, and it’s just natural that writing is as much a part of me as my skin. I like to describe myself as someone who breathes music, bleeds words and cries coffee. Now tell me that isn’t a little to the right of sane. lol

I’m thankful for the mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to regret, but I’ve come to accept that I learn nothing the easy way. I choose to be grateful for the mistakes I’ve made, knowing that I’ve learned from everyone.   Like critical reviews, the results of a mistake may seem like the end of the world when they happen, but learning from it will usually prove to be for the best.

I’m grateful for the all-consuming corporate giant Amazon (or Zon, as I call it), as much as I like to moan and complain about it. If it weren’t for companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace, thousands of indie authors would never have been able to get their work to the readers. Oh, I know there are some who despair. They believe that removing the gatekeepers of publishing will result in the failure of literacy for all time. I think that’s a little extreme. Surely quality literature will succeed, and the chafe will fall by the wayside, for the most part. However, without those outlets, readers would have missed thousands of unique stories told by the talented writers who, for lack of timing or luck, would have never have seen publication under the traditional process.  I’m awfully grateful to them as a reader, as well. ;P

I’m thankful for the readers; those people who spend their hard-earned money on a book, who review, share and recommend our books. After all, they are our reason to write. Readers are our critics and fans, our reason to keep telling the stories and keep striving to tell them better.

I’m grateful for friends who become fans.  When I first announced that I was writing again and working on a novel, not one of my best friends scoffed or poo-poohed the notion. Dave immediately volunteered to help in any way he could; Carolyn wanted to know how long she had to wait to read it; Ian asked how he could help, and Becky — well Becky leapt two feet into the air, snatched me up in a bear hug and vowed to be my biggest fan. How could I not be grateful for that kind of unconditional love and support? After all, I’d barely written in years. For all they knew I’d lost any dubious skill I’d ever had for telling a story, let alone telling it well.

I’m honoured by fans who become friends. Katie Shelby, Jenny Bynum, Wendy Lovetiggi, Carly Wallace,  and Jacquie Talento are just a handful of the stand-outs here. They are not only fans of mine, but fans and supporters of a multitude of indie authors. They read and review, support and share and aside from that, they’re just plain lovely people who take the time to drop a message of love and support when it’s least expected, and often most needed.  Thanks to them and the many others like them.

I’m thankful for the writers and authors I’ve met on my journey to authorship and beyond. Without their love, support, advice and encouragement, I may never have made it to publication at all. There are far too many of these to mention here. Just look at my Facebook friends list and you’ll find a mile-long list of talented authors who have become friends and family. If you get half a chance to “friend” any of them, like their fan pages, or read their work — DO IT!!!

I’m eternally grateful to the publisher and publishing family I’ve found at Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Their belief in me and the support they’ve given were a euphoric  and unexpected validation of my work.  Their continued support and advice are most appreciated. I’m honoured to be in such talented and generous company!

So there you are. Just a few of the things I’m thankful for every day, as a reader/writer/author. Won’t you share one of yours … ?




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