As an author, do you have one? How effective is it? Has it broadened your fan base? Can we use this effectively as a way of promoting our books and broadening our online presence? These are questions that I’ve been asking myself ever since I’ve started to get my work out there.

I’m an Indie author, as you know, and I want to make the most of promoting my work, but I confess that sometimes I have no idea if I’m doing it correctly. Not entirely, anyway.

Bubblecow’s post on what’s the use of writing a book without an online presence has had me thinking about it extensively. I’ve slowly, but surely, have started to create a better online presence by taking to Twitter, Goodreads, and other blog/forum mediums in hopes of being heard and having more people notice my work.

I also created my Facebook fan page. Up until today, I had no clue on how to add custom pages or even a discussion board. ::hangs head:: Sad, but true. I’m pretty much going with the flow but also researching things as I do so. But I do wonder whether this Facebook page thing will really work for me.

I seem to be having more success with Twitter/Goodreads/etc . . . than I am with Facebook, in all honesty. I’ve a small following on FB, but it’s mostly just family and friends. It’s a start, though, right?