Good afternoon, lovelies.

I’ve got an awesome goodie—two, actually—to share with you all today. I know you’ll all enjoy it just as much as I have.

L. D. Davis has a new series coming out soon. The first book is due to hit shelves on May 22, 2019. Book 2’s release date will be determined soon enough.

Without further ado, here are the covers for both of the books. Enjoy!




I never thought my life would turn out like this, but life happened in a way I’d never dreamed of. I had plans for myself, to have a successful career, to be independent, and selfish, and have a good time. My philosophy as a young, silly girl was that I was here for a good time, not for a long time. I didn’t plan to have children, never planned to be married, and I certainly didn’t plan to be a widow before I reached the age of thirty, but here I am, with all of that and more.

I didn’t think of myself after the accident. There wasn’t time to think of myself as a widow with three small children and a mother recovering from a heart attack that nearly killed her. I didn’t think about all the plans I’d once had. I didn’t think about my clothes, my hair, or my leg that hadn’t healed properly, my health, and especially my happiness.

When my once-estranged sister was involved in a dangerous incident, I didn’t think of myself then either. Along with my mother and children, I flew to Philadelphia to support Lily. That was where I met Marco Mangini. He was a beautiful man, with a charming smile and a charisma that made even my mother blush. Self-assured, polished, and wealthy, I hated him instantly, because suddenly, I was thinking of myself again, those lost dreams and ideals. I thought about my drab clothes, my limp hair, my uneven stride, and my unhealthy pallor. It would not be the last time Marco forced me into a self-analysis, to make me look at my emotions I’d hidden away, to make me feel again.


L. D. Davis was born and raised on the east coast in the United States. She has five children, a husband, and two cats. She often daydreams about running away (Alone, of course.) to a tropical island where she would do nothing but write, read, and consume fruity drinks with umbrella toothpicks.

L. D. has an Audible addiction and one-clicks more books than she can read. She has deep affection for wine & other tasty alcoholic beverages, Downton Abbey, and a secret obsession for all things Star Trek. Did I mention her deep affection for wine?


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