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Courtesy of Milly Taiden and Bewitching Book Tours, we’ve the honor of unveiling the cover for Milly’s newest soon-to-be-released book in the Black Meadow Pack series, Caged Heat.

Be sure to check out the first book, Sharp Change, if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet. This proves to be just as heady and exciting as the first.

Without further ado, here’s the cover for this newest addition to the series.







Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Publisher: Etopia Press




CPRAfter five years travelling through third world countries to teach impoverished children, Samira Suarez has returned home to Black Meadows. What Sam didn’t expect was to be instantly overwhelmed by the desire to be with the one man she’s wanted since she was a teen, Riel Karven.

Riel has been patiently waiting for Sam’s return. For five long years he’s backed off and watched her come and go. This is it. His mate is back, and he’s taking a stand.

Sam’s need for Ry grows to unimaginable proportions. It’s almost as if she were in heat. But she’s a human…isn’t she?

There’s more at stake than Sam and Ry’s future relationship when she inherits her grandmother’s estate. One of her many relatives wants her out of the way.

It’s going to take all of Ry’s determination and help from his friends to keep her alive.  And it’s going to take delving into her past to find out why a human is going into mating heat.



MT PictureAbout The Author:

Milly Taiden was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.

She began writing when she learned to put words together and her first book consisted of two homeless dogs living in a park for her second grade English class. She didn’t win a prize, but she acquired a love for writing that never went away.

When she’s not working full-time, texting with her best friend Heidi in England, chastising her son for pulling the dog’s ears, shopping with her sister Jewel or watching scary movies with her husband, she can be found writing on her laptop. She’s addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

A major reader when she can get her hands on a good book, she loves reading all Mina Carter, Cynthia Eden, Cynthia Sax among others



Connect With Her Online:

Website: http://millytaiden.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/millytaiden
Facebook: Milly Taiden