Memories Temp Cover Good Morning, Lovelies.

I meant to get this up and running yesterday, but never had a chance to since I was running back and forth with the pup to the Vet. He had a surgery scheduled that never took place since they found his electrolytes a tad too high. Word is there’s an issue with his liver. That, though, is not what this post is about so I’ll leave things there.


If you’ve been paying attention to my Facebook fan page, most of you will already know about what’s to come soon. Just in case, though, I wanted to post this announcement here to give you all the 411 on my newest release that’s coming soon.

The cover you see to the left is a temporary one for a compilation book that I’m working on for the Closure series. Gotta admit that it came out nicely, though. Click the thumbnail to view a larger version of it.

The compilation book is titled Memories, as you can see. This small anthology includes books 1 (Closure) and 2 (Broken) with a preview of the third book in the series titled, To Begin Again.

I know you’re probably asking yourselves, ‘But I’ve never heard about a third book in the works till now!?’ That’s because I haven’t made that little tidbit public knowledge up until now. Granted, only a select few do know about the book itself, but for the most part, the project was kept mum for the time being. I’ll dish out more details on book 3 when the time comes, I assure you.

The release date for Memories will be announced soon. The cover has already been completed, as well. I received wonderful feedback on it and I hope you’ll all enjoy it when the time comes.

I am planning a cover reveal to be done soon for book and would like to garner the help of a few bloggers to join me in posting it up for all to see. I anticipate to have the cover reveal go live around the 10th of July. If you’re interested in joining the venture, either post a comment here with your email address so that I may contact you with the details or forward me an email address to

Thank you kindly in advance for your support!



Book Blurb:

He wanted to remember. She would rather forget.

Memories is a compilation for the Closure series which includes the first two books, Closure and Broken.

Follow Ben and Ellie Morgan as they recall pieces of their past and deal with the pain and heartache that ensues because of the decisions they’ve both decided to take, decisions that will change their lives forever. A heart-felt and bittersweet journey, it’s one any of us can relate to.