Stuck Book Cover Lucy Swing graciously reviewed Stuck for me and forwarded me a copy of the review that she wrote. I wanted to share it with all of you.

Thank you so much for the review, Lucy!




Lucy Swing:

“Stuck” by Lissette E. Manning captured me from the very beginning; spiraling me into her post-apocalyptic world.  In this heart wrenching short story, we follow Annie as she leaves the safety of her home in search of means to provide for her family. As a mother myself, I felt the utter pain Annie went through leaving her children behind and the need to go out into the unknowing to ease her family’s hunger.

A few tears were shed, I will not lie. Prepare to become one with the main character as she takes you for a ride you will not soon forget. A must read!


About Lucy Swing: She is an amateur YA writer finishing her first Novel. She loves to read and make up stories, which she decided to start putting down in paper. She has incredibly weird dreams that need to be shared with the world and is a mother of two beautiful, but crazy children. She is also a wife to a FireFighter/RN/SWAT Medic – the guy can do it all! She’s also a Music Addict.

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