I received an interesting email from someone asking me as to why I took down Dear Santa. I thought I’d address it this morning.

A few people felt that the Dear Santa letters included in the story made it seem as if it was written by a middle-grade/high schooler. It wasn’t, but that’s how many saw it because the letters were depicted from time frames when Johanna/Radley were younger. They were written in tones from ages ranging from 6 to their current ages. Sadly, many didn’t see that, and said the writing on the story was poor when it wasn’t.

Because of this, I took the story down, and have been reworking it. The letters in the book are to be removed, and I’m adding more content to it. For those of you that read it, and emailed me with your thoughts in regards to it, be it good or bad, I thank you very much for doing so. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

With the recent rework, the book will also be renamed. To what, I do not know yet, but I promise I’ll announce the new title/re-release date soon as the revision is done.

Thanks so much for your support, lovelies.