book hand monitor Last night, I meant to log off of the internet to work some more on my manuscript. I somehow got deviated from doing so due to the phone ringing. Mom had called to see how I was doing. When she calls, I can’t ignore it. Well, most times, anyway.

I remember hanging up the phone and sitting back down in front of the PC with the intention of continuing to write when all of the sudden the lights go out. Next thing you know, family from downstairs start running outside. You would think that with the way everyone was running around that the world was going to end. Ironically enough, that’s what the scene outside of my window appeared to be like for several minutes.

What had once been very bright and clear outside had suddenly turned dark as night. Thick, black clouds had amassed on the horizon. Strong winds had started to pick up by then, taking anything that it could find within its path. A solitary trash can that had been sitting in the corner of my front yard was pulled up into the air and shot several feet down the street, its entire contents of leaves and random trash strewn all over. I hadn’t even known that there was a storm coming so the scene that was unfurling before my very eyes was surprising.

The sound of the pouring rain is loud. People are shouting and running for cover as they try to avoid the onslaught. Children are standing about in their parent’s front yards, dancing around as the water hits their skin; totally oblivious to the wind that has started to pick up. Mother’s are starting to run about in hopes of pulling their children inside as they worry about the outcome of this sudden storm. Cars are rushing back and forth, their drivers shouting at the people that have begun to run back and forth across the street.

And there I was, sitting on the window sill looking out and grinning. I don’t know what it is about the rain that I love so much but it felt comforting to just sit there and watch the chaos unfold. Sure, it was dark. The storm had knocked out the power and all I had for a light was the glow from my Samsung Instinct S-30 cell phone to keep me company. Still, I found it all to be comforting.

It’s kinda funny, though. All around me you could hear people talking and shouting. All they could think about was that the end of the world was happening. Some said we needed to repent. That God was telling his people to get their shite together. Hell, quite a few seemed to expect that God was going to strike them down, then and there. Ironically enough, we did have a tornado touch down in the upper east side of the city. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it didn’t do any damage from the reports that I heard of it, as it supposedly barreled down the road and then promptly disappeared, minutes later.

So did the world end last night as many expected it would? No, it did not. Alas, here I am, still alive and writing about last night’s adventure.

Have a great Friday, Everyone, and enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Strange stuff may be happening in this world of ours lately, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the world is going to end any time soon. So let’s make the most of what we have in the here and now!